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hehe more people leaveing

PostPosted: Mar 16, 2005 (6:05 pm)
Im leaveing eaxia in about a month. im gonna start playing Final Fantasy XI sometime soon and so yeah im leaveing i might be back eventually but i doubt it if any of you play that i'll prolly use my kondor haramon name there if i can but if not i'll post another thing here that gives my new name and i'll be in the cerebrus server i think.

Kondor Haramon, Grondor harmon, Creon Whisler, Kravan Harmon, Damian Altair, Tadoc Amon, Mannix Sloane, Pilan Melancton, Kyric Kegan

hehe i had alot of characters

PostPosted: Mar 17, 2005 (12:05 am)
Damnit, I come back and you leave!

See you when you come back, they allways come back!

~ Birkan Featherhands

PostPosted: Jun 9, 2005 (2:34 pm)
well i've gotten bored with life again so im trying to come back if they aprove my free accounts