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PostPosted: Mar 9, 2005 (9:26 pm)
by KELONA to start this. Umm..

Recent events have led me to make a hard scratch wasn't a choice. I have had to quit Eaxia. Now, I hope it won't be a long time thing...but as far as I see it...I will be gone for awhile.

Thing is, I can still post here. Prolly will be doing a whole lot more of that now. Lol. I will miss all of you in the game very much. For a year and a half or have been in my life..and I will NEVER forget you!

I love you all!



PostPosted: Mar 10, 2005 (1:31 am)
by Guest
Well it was nice having you around. Kelona had such nice warm pockets. This catbirdgular, and Im sure many others, will miss you greatly while you are gone. I shall await your return, and concurrently my return to the nice nest I have built into the seam of your coin purse. :wink:

Be well.
The catbirdgular
King of all thats furry

PostPosted: Mar 10, 2005 (6:51 am)
Didn't really get to know you that well, but your presence will be missed. I hope that one day you will be able to return to the game world with us, but I'm glad you can still post here and be a part of the community! Maybe we can get some lively discussions going! At least some game suggestions and such.

Safe paths to you, Kelona. Wind to thy wings.