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sad to say

PostPosted: Nov 6, 2004 (3:46 am)
I have played rp now for quite a while, DR and here and elsewhere. Alot, came to know me as the dancing dwarf, i had such a passion for it, though i dated i was never married IG, known for the help i gave to others, when one would turn there back, whether you were lying there dead or otherwise. Since DR was worsening, i started to lose a touch i once had with rp gaming, I have met quite a few in eaxia that have been some of the best for chatting while i never hunted or was it me, anyways, I dont feel i have totally become back involved in rp, and think it may be the best time to let my character go. I have had the name Keflulkiin long as i can remember, i always kept it seemed no one had anything quite close and was considered unique. I think exxy has a great world started here.

Last not least i wish to say goodbye to those i have met and helped along my journey.

Nepheri (hugs)

These are but a few if i didnt get ya name, you know who you are, I know ill miss you all, and maybe one day i might feel different toward rp and come back, with that i'll take my leave after this last night of playing, as always "be safe in ya journeys". :)

PostPosted: Nov 6, 2004 (4:50 am)
also i wont delete keflulkiin, as talking with some, i have realized he is unique in many ways and do plan to come back, as long as he can be reactivated

PostPosted: Nov 6, 2004 (7:18 am)
I enjoyed talkin with you while you were on and I hope that with will just take a reprieve and come back when you are ready. No need to leave forever, you will be missed.

PostPosted: Nov 6, 2004 (1:44 pm)
by MRJ0K3R
Was lucky enough to talk with your last night,
before departing for your beak, so I was able to express the words a
little better. Face to face. I hope your "duties abroad" will be brief.
I know the pain of slipping away from something you've been a very
large part of, for what seems to be lifetimes.
I wish you well, as always.
Hoping your duties, & feelings change sooner
rather then later. We will miss you Kef'
come home soon.

PostPosted: Nov 7, 2004 (2:04 pm)
Hey you old dwarf! :D I remember you from my time in the Stone Clan in the other world - Jadens turned into a Troll over here though :shock: and goes by the name Jake - but he not around much. Vladim is still as drunk a Dwarf as all you guys ever were, and always will be. Come back and share a drink with him soon, who knows the Priest guild might finally be open by the time you get back, and I won't be stuck like I have been for so many many months- and will be more in the mood for drinking with ya! :!: I always keep a cold Ale or 20 in my haversack so look me up! :lol:

PostPosted: Nov 7, 2004 (2:42 pm)
by ellisj
Kef, was good havin ya while ya was around, i hope to see ya back very soon. ya knows ya can't stay gone long! ya got too many friends around here. which is the reason i could never leave these lands, i got way too many friends around.. well hope yer get this message and come back soon


PostPosted: Nov 10, 2004 (2:28 am)
by DREED2480
Kefl I have known yas since we were on DR man...helping me out when I was out hunting those crabs now those were the days :lol: !! You are missed by all and I hope you come back soon. I need an good ole dwarf drinking buddy to help me drink all my firewater with!! Until the time comes that you return I hope you have safe paths.

Kronos Moonrider

Re: sad to say

PostPosted: Aug 7, 2011 (2:40 pm)
Yeah so, guess im a few years late, but here we go. Although you will probably never see this, i find the need to pay some respect to an old friend. I still remember tearing up the lands with Kef like it was yesterday. The first time we met was in a Different Realm "see what i did there? Different Realm. DR, get it?" Anyways you where the one who actually brought me here, when we just could not take the sh*t that was that realm anymore, you still have my gratitude for that seeing how we have been through alot here. Saying goodbye to old friends is never easy to do, but making new friends eases the pain a little. You are still missed to this day. Every once in awhile ill hear a story of ole Kef, and it just brightens my day. I can only hope our paths will cross at least one more time.

To the best Dwarf to ever roam the lands.

Goodbye Keflulkiin.