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PostPosted: May 9, 2007 (5:37 pm)
The idea of having an EaxiaCon has been thrown around probably since Eaxia's institution. Personally, I feel it's healthy to also have good out-of-character relationships with the people you play with. It helps alleviate the in-character drama and truly, binds us together as a community. While I may not play Eaxia consistently anymore, I still retain good friendships with many players and ex-players here. I know that many others who do not play still lurk around on the forums and talk with people who do, which really does speak for the fantastic playerbase that we have. I truly feel, and have always felt, that the true strength of Eaxia lies in the wonderful players we have.

With that said, I think it'd be wonderful to get together for a long weekend, or perhaps even a week, to just have fun and maybe get some brainstorming going. I doubt this is going to happen this summer, but next is definitely possible.

What we'd need to work out is:

Where: Let me know where you're coming from and how far you'd be willing to travel.

When: Summer's likely going to be best, but there are other times that could work!

What: What do you want to do! Potential ideas include a LARP, D&D, contests, brainstorming sessions...

Also, as a disclaimer, this has no affiliation with Eaxia as a company or the RPGN. This is just Zeysoli's player, musing. :)

PostPosted: Jun 8, 2007 (7:58 pm)
I think it would be awesome to meet everyone in person!
For me though, I'd probably not travel very far due to $$$$.
( At least for this year, Ive all the trips planned that I can afford...erm and even some that I can't afford....whats up with all these weddings?!)
So me, being completely selfish, say that you all come to Colorado!
Ok thats far fetched, but Id be in for sure that way.

And my more reasonable side says we should figure out whats a central location for all parties interested and take it from there


PostPosted: Jun 10, 2007 (3:27 pm)
This sounds fun but yeah bit scary... ive made some rash attacks on seth in the past. Suppose he cant bring his magnif items in real life =P

PostPosted: Jul 16, 2007 (7:10 am)
by Leyara
Looks like I should be a Necromancer, with all the old posts I'm going to be dredging up today.

Anyway, this would be an interesting idea. I'm not sure if I'd be able to participate, my daughter's not quite 2 yet, but definitely an interesting prospect. I've always liked cultivating healthy OOC friendships as well as IC ones, and not necessarily with my in-game friends either! Enemies are welcome too! :)

PostPosted: Aug 9, 2007 (9:38 pm)
That idea has been around since before I was on staff. (5 years ago) Infact I have brought it up more than once, and the reason it has not happened yet is $, and the concern it would be a complete failure. These types of things are very expensive to put together, and would be a complete waste of already limited funds if ony seven people show up. While it is possible and likely at some point in the future (I will not say how soon, but rest assured it has and is being thought about) it will probably be cancelled if enough player/staff can not make it.