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Pirates are spookey!

Fnid a tyop in thegame?

From commands/verbs to items to room descriptions, keep a sharp eye out for typos running rampant!

Pirates are spookey!

Postby ANTIHEROIC » May 27, 2004 (8:21 pm)

[Pirate's Dungeon, Dark Maze]
Your footsteps echo against the stone of the cave pathway as it seems to open up revealing a large room with softly glowing moss. The faintly radiant green moss seems to swirl with life although the air is still and musty-smelling.
Other life here: a nasty pirate.
You also see: an old moss-covered iron archway.
Obvious exits: south.
>adv pir
You begin to move towards the nasty pirate to engage it in combat.
>l ar
You are close to the nasty pirate, but not within melee range.
The archway gives you a spookey feeling and apparently leads out of the dungeon.

Should be spooky.
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Postby GDAREMENTA » May 27, 2004 (11:25 pm)

A janitor rolls through the area and gives the archway a little nudge, straightening it up.

(typo all fixed. ;D )
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