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Bloodstained jewl-hilted daggers

PostPosted: Aug 3, 2007 (8:30 pm)
Wheres the typo you may ask? Well I've done some research on old weapondry recently and its obvious that this is a punching dagger. Punching daggers were typicaly used by thieves, bandits, and assassins, because of its ability to be easily hidden and striking was as simple as punching out. Therefore it is strapped to the wrist using such things as leather or gloves. The typo you may ask? The Bloodstained jewl-hilted dagger is classfied as a punching dagger, but this is impossible because hilts are commonly refered to as the whole handle, meaning the crossguard to the pommel. (Usually when something says its attached to the hilt it is meaning the pommel) But since its a punching dagger its impossible to have a jewled hilt, because Punching daggers require no handle and are strapped to the hand/wrist (Also some of the more exotic versions have a half moon blade with a handle in the center, but the handle attaches at both ends of the blade so it has no hilt, I dont have any pictures so look at these characters that resemble it (l Something like that, its commonly called a cestus). Correct me if I'm wrong, I didnt look too deeply into this.. Here is a diagram of a sword's parts


Summery: It isn't possible for the daggers to have jeweled hilts considering punching daggers dont have hilts

So yeah, I was pretty much bored >.<