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Queen's Pavilion

PostPosted: Aug 20, 2004 (5:53 pm)
Queens Pavilion at the NE town square.

[Semanri, Northeast Town Square]
This section of the square houses the Fine Garments of Semanri, a small yet prosperous clothing store. Across the street, guards line the large fence surrounding the capitol building, ensuring all visitors enter through the main gate. A large raised pavilion festooned in cobalt and crimson silk is set up on the lawn, a set of wide steps leading to the elevated dais.
Other life here: none.
Obvious exits: east, south, and west.

>tap pav
You tap a cobalt blue and crimson silk pavilion.

All is well...but when you go pavilion.....

>go pav
You climb up to the pavillion.

[The Queen's Pavilion, Semanri]
With a lovely view of Town Square, the cobalt blue and crimson silk walls of the tent are currently tied to the room supports allowing all to see inside the pavilion. The breeze floats through the large space, causing the light silk to shimmer in the air. Several large upholstered benches and a pair of gilded chairs are set in the pavilion as if someone is expected. The wide oak stairs lead down to the lawn of the green.
Other life here: none.

Typo! Should be just one "l" like the other instances. Thanks!
Obvious exits: none.

PostPosted: Aug 23, 2004 (9:55 pm)
::A magic wand glides over the entrance to the pavilion, correcting the pesky typo.::