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confused gemseller in V'Rung

PostPosted: Jun 8, 2004 (11:50 am)
The jeweler takes a look at your coral and her eyes light up. "Wow, this is an amazing piece. I haven't seen some white coral for a long time. I'll give you a bit extra for it.", she says.

>look muujik
Clearly, he is the shop's keeper.

unless I'm missing something, Muujik seems to be a bit confused about his identity. I guess there could be two people in there, but I only saw one.


PostPosted: Jun 9, 2004 (3:51 am)
Probably a bit...touched...from the time s/he spent in my grave. :P


PostPosted: Jun 16, 2004 (3:55 pm)
Apparently this is just how gem dealers work, for now. It's an overall thing, and not just in that one shop. So I can't do anything but hopefully Systems will in the future. ^_^