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PostPosted: Jun 6, 2004 (12:11 pm)
by BC24
A nether ghoul defiantly hisses, "My brothersss will drink of your blood!"

The "of" doesn't belong.

-Shana :wink:

PostPosted: Jun 6, 2004 (1:32 pm)
Actually I have seen that usage before, remember these are undead that drink blood so who knows what they mean exactly :shock:

PostPosted: Jun 6, 2004 (1:43 pm)
I believe it's an acceptable way to phrase the thought, even if it's an older phrasing. Although me and English don't get along well so I could be mistaken ;)

PostPosted: Jun 6, 2004 (8:20 pm)
It is an acceptable use of the word “of”. Similar usage is typical in the ceremonies of various religions, and is actually used in modern times. It is also frequent in old text, books, and scrolls.

It is just another way of phrasing which you may not be familiar with.

PostPosted: Jun 7, 2004 (11:27 am)
by BC24
Ok thanks.
I was not aware of this phrasing at all. After the first reply, I was hunting in them again and was reading it and I see how it works. (Though very old sounding).
You learn something new every day.

-Shana :wink:

PostPosted: Jun 15, 2004 (4:11 pm)
Aye, this is how it was intended. :)