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Fnid a tyop in thegame?

From commands/verbs to items to room descriptions, keep a sharp eye out for typos running rampant!


Postby BC24 » Jun 6, 2004 (12:50 am)

[The Healers' Guild, Alawyn's Chapel]
Twin oriel windows overlooking an herb garden frame a solid ivory altar at the rear of the room, resplendent and breathtaking with its decoration in the form of a magnificent carved white dragon, also in pristine ivory. White-petaled lilys float serenely atop the surface of the water in a large font behind the altar, releasing a light fragrance into the air. A pair of pews have been positioned to face the altar at a respective distance, leaving room for any rituals or praying that a visitor may wish to partake in under the watchful eyes of an effigy of Alawyn.
Other life here: none.
You also see: some crossbow quarrels, a splayed ivory arch, some sparkling water upon which floats several pure white lilys, a magnificently-carved white dragon, and a large font.
Obvious exits: none.

Should be lilies.

-Shana :wink:

P.S. would it be possible to make it so we can pick flowers like that? Is that coming or are we able too, just not those?
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Postby GDAREMENTA » Jun 8, 2004 (10:12 pm)

You're right, it should... and now it does! :D Thanks.

As for picking those, they shouldn't be here, since these are not growing in the area. But, I'm sure there are many places elsewhere they *should* be pickable but aren't. There are a few places where they can be currently. I will add this to my to-do list of making things more interactable and fun! :)
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