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I don't have to go get a ton of spell scrolls again, do I?

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I don't have to go get a ton of spell scrolls again, do I?

Postby GDEXXY » Oct 30, 2003 (12:26 pm)

Currently, with exception to Healers and Bards, only two spells are awarded by guildleaders: Cure Light Wounds for Clerics and Magic Missile for Mages. This makes it very frustrating to acquire and learn spells -- which can only be achieved in one of two ways: (1) learn it from a spell scroll (which can be found in treasure, randomly, and can be purchased from stores -- some of the spells can be, anyway) or (2) learn the spell from someone else who already knows it (large XP penalty -- the higher the spell, the larger the penalty).

The rebuild will essentially cause everyone to reroll (see other posts for XP changes and allocation points -- you won't be starting over from scratch), losing spells in the process. However, we're fixing the Mage, Wizard, Cleric, Druid, and Ranger guildleaders to teach spells at regular intervals. While some spells will still be available from scrolls, we may decide that some are one way and others are another -- we also may decide to keep regular spell scrolls around to be cast directly from them as a magical device, so don't throw away those scrolls.

Note that while Paladins (and other classes) can cast spells from their previous base class, those spells are not taught by their guildleader. Stay a cleric longer (or if you come from the fighter's guild, tough luck) if you want those precious cleric spells as a Paladin. You may also lose some spells by evolving to a Paladin that are un-Paladin-like, but the majority of them stay, I believe. At either rate, the general rule is that only one guild will teach a certain spell and no other guild will teach it (exception: Entangle and other Life magic spells).

So in summary, spells will be re-acquired at regular intervals from your guildleader, so spell scrolls will become scarce and rare (except from the shop -- but expect the prices to increase and availability to... well... suck).
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