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What exactly will happen to our character when we log in?

Official announcements, updates, and details about the Eaxia rebuild.

What exactly will happen to our character when we log in?

Postby GDEXXY » Oct 30, 2003 (11:49 am)

When you log into the game after the rebuild is live, your character will lose all character statistics (though some of them will be used to determine your allocation points).

Specificly, you will lose:
    feats and abilities
    spell casts
    class titles (but not custom titles)
    ability scores
    spell effects (buffs, enchantments, etc.)
    damage (you will be healed)
You will not lose:
    money (on hand)
    money (in the bank)
    inventory (holding or wearing)
    animal companions
    custom titles
    custom character descriptions (C.C.D.)

Essentially, it will be like you are REROLLing.

You will be told exactly how many allocation points you have been awarded and what level it's worth.

You will then be put in the Character Management System (CMS), where rerolled characters and new characters can choose their character's race, features, and fine-tune startup ability scores.

Once you finish in the CMS, you begin as level 1 with knowledge experience (KE / XP) equal to your allocation points. This lets you level up over and over until you are at your appropriate level. Be sure that you do not reroll your character at this point or you will permanently lose this experience.

Upon leveling you will gain ability score training points, spells, skill bonuses, titles, health, mana, abilities, etc. depending on your selected class. You can use the ability score training points to further develop your new ability scores.

Here is an example from the game showing what it will look like when you log in for the first time after the rebuild:

Code: Select all
** Welcome to the Eaxia Online reallocation process!
You were previously a level 20 Ranger with 190000 experience points.
This is worth 69325 allocation points (level 19 in any class).
Type 'BEGIN' to begin rebuilding your character using these allocation points.
You say, "Let's begin."

Please select one of the following options:

(1)  I am a beginner and would like to select a pre-built character package.
(2)  I am an advanced user and would like to select a race and character features myself.
(3)  I am an expert and would like to select my race, ability scores, and character features myself.

You say, "I am an expert and would like to select my race, ability scores, and character features myself."

Please select one of the following options:

(1)  raise strength            (11)  lower strength
(2)  raise stamina             (12)  lower stamina
(3)  raise agility             (13)  lower agility
(4)  raise coordination        (14)  lower coordination
(5)  raise intelligence        (15)  lower intelligence
(6)  raise wisdom              (16)  lower wisdom

(DONE) I am done adjusting my ability scores and would like to proceed to racial selection.
(HELP) Please explain what these ability scores are and what they do.
(X) I have changed my mind and would like to return to the previous menu.

Current ability scores:  Str 14   Agi 13   Int 14   
                         Sta 14   Cdn 12   Wis 13

Remaining "points" left unspent: 12

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