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Changing guilds

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Changing guilds

Postby BC24 » May 26, 2004 (11:21 pm)

Was just wondering if we're able to change guilds. At what point are we not able to? If we can, do we retain all gained skills, abilities and exp?
Just curious.
-Shana :wink:
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Postby COTY » Jun 8, 2004 (3:22 pm)

from rank 10 - 20 various other guilds are available to branch out from your initial base guild depending on your proffesion of choice. i would strongly ercomment staying the par and doing all 20 ranks before moving on so you get all of your base skills etc.
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Postby ellisj » Jun 8, 2004 (3:38 pm)

depends on what guild your in, if your fighter go ahead and switch, theres nothin special to gain
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Postby ALLRIGHT » Jun 8, 2004 (3:50 pm)

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. If it is to join a second tier guild, i.e. healer, thief, druid, barb, then you can do that depending upon which guild you join, at 10-20. If you're meaning going from a first tier guild and changing to a different first tier guild i.e. cleric to fighter, then you don't keep the experience, I think you may keep the skills, but the only way to do that is it reroll your character and start over from the beginning. Hope this helped either way
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