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Postby Goharo » Apr 20, 2004 (2:54 am)

i been hearing a buncha diffrent things from diffrent people for a very long time now about new creatures. i am getting pretty tired of leveling off boxes and skills. takes friggin forever. and i dunno how long we are looking at til we get new creatures to hunt. so could you tell me that? and also if its gonna be a long time which i am sure its gonna be cause that cant be easy adding new things like that. but could you make jungath harder you dont even really haft to make them harder i can hardly take two at a time anyways could you just make them teach higher? i mean i am going stupid working these skills i have 70 in healing 94 in mugging and have picked up two diffrent weapon skills just to try and make my next level which is gonna take forever and a day at 30 exp a grey jungatha and various amounts of exp from skills.
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