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Postby JAYMO » Apr 17, 2004 (10:57 am)

I'm all for critters getting a little power boost, but I just got my a** handed to me by a critter that doesn't even teach me combat skills. I think they might be a *tad* overpowered. If they are going to remain this powerful, at least move the cap above 172.

In other news.....

The STRIKE command is now fixed. Props on that. The problem I'm having is the fact that a Monk less than level 20 has the same stunning effect as I do with a 20+ Level advantage. Can't we get it to increase as we gain in power? Or can it be linked to a wisdom stat check or something? Just a suggestion

Enjoy everyone!
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Postby GDEXXY » Apr 18, 2004 (9:16 pm)

We're experimenting with combat and the two most heavily-hunted areas are stone giants and rats/goblins. Well, we're not going to experiment with the poor new guys, so giants it is. We'll see how things progress and we're definitely not going to screw you guys over, so no worries there, but for the time being, we're just observing how things go with a few tweaks.

As far as monks and martial artists are concerned, the ability does improve some, but there are better abilities that replace it later on. It's only redeeming value at higher levels is that it can be used as a backup if you're waiting for the timer to elapse on other abilities.
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