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Army of Light Against the Horde of Khal

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Army of Light Against the Horde of Khal

Postby Islyn » Feb 23, 2004 (12:51 am)

Islyn sits quietly with a faraway look upon her face ...'this Evil ...this Demon will be stoped!" She begins to sing, her chin raised defiantly against an unseen foe .....

“I saw proud banners sway and fall
In a world turned dark with gloom
While a black-souled demon rustled by
Borne on wings of doom

“In heaps the shining chivalry lay
Where swords and hearts did break
And in deep and haunted shadowed hearts
The dark one his'self awakes

“Fair maids screamed as shadows ran
The stars seemed dimmed with fright
Twas the Devil Khal's very hour
The triumph of deepest night

“But lo what now through mist I see
Released on these dogs of war
To turn the tide, to the battle they sped
The Army of Light and many clans singing ballads of mighty lore

“The brave cries of Light’s army
Came whistling down from the gale
And the Devil Khal looked up from his victory feast
Like a hound that sniffs the trail

“And down the wind the warriors came in
Like lions in an angry pack
The Devlish Khal set his battle lines
And the hounds of hell bayed back

“From night black dawn to night black dawn
They held demon horde and dogs at bay
The dead lay littered on the field
And neither side held sway

“The sly Khal thought he'd make a deal
To turn aside these brave heart's heat
He'd promise riches, that he knew
Would make mortal man retreat

“But when He made his offer sweet
Much to his black-heart's chagrin
They told him he could go to hell
:And once more battle did begin

“The Evil Khal he was beaten back
Though his demon horde took their toll
The lionhearted troops pushed him to his brackish pit
And he retreated to his hole

“His last words then before he turned
He hurled into their face
“We'll meet again another time
And in another place!”

“We will fight to death! the troops replied
Be ready when next we meet
We'll battle again with all that's ours
We will not bow at your feet

“For you, are the cause of evil itself
The reason hate exists
We will fight until we are no more
Though we might not be missed

“For ours is to fight for all our dreams
Regardless of what you may say!”
They gathered comrades fallen
And made history that Day!
Written in elegant script one word,
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Re: Army of Light Against the Horde of Khal

Postby GROGORKNIGHT » Feb 23, 2004 (1:01 am)

Hear! Hear! I am with you! We will stop this Horde!

In the wind of the Tree,
Written in the blood of my foes,Senerik Doomsblade
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Re: Army of Light Against the Horde of Khal

Postby Hokeypokey » Feb 23, 2004 (1:16 am)

he that has the most gwapes....shall win the day
everybody's favorite monkey!

The only thing that one has no choice but to do in life ...is Die. Everything else is an option. You always have a choice.
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Re: Army of Light Against the Horde of Khal

Postby Goharo » Feb 23, 2004 (1:26 am)

Eh I guess we will see what happens.
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Re: Army of Light Against the Horde of Khal

Postby ellisj » Feb 23, 2004 (3:58 am)

I'm right there to the end!!!
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Re: Army of Light Against the Horde of Khal

Postby GROVENBURGER » Feb 27, 2004 (5:40 am)

Groo (an my owlbear Spud) is with youse an da rest of the Potatoe Brigade Bo! :D

Even da ole Drunk might help, fer drink or two! :twisted:
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Re: Army of Light Against the Horde of Khal

Postby KELONA » Feb 29, 2004 (7:02 pm)

Ha..You all think you will win in this eternal fight for 'goodness' but all of you will see differently in days to come. Much differently. For evil will reign. No matter what you all think nor what you believe, that is the one fact i know.
Sincerly, and with a soul of pity,
Shadioya Maionyne.
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