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Hiding in combat

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Hiding in combat

Postby MALYNN » Feb 11, 2004 (9:12 pm)

I wasnt sure if this was a bug or not, but I can't hide in front of creatures anymore, I have a 50 in hide, but if I can't retreat then Its pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to die. It doesnt really seem all that fair, especially when newer people die constantly because they cant hide. Is it going to stay the same or is it a bug?
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Re: Hiding in combat

Postby trenmarc-eaxia » Feb 12, 2004 (10:21 am)

Thats the new Hide skill in effect before it was an instantaneous success to hide in front of NPC now there is a need to train the skill... I assume 50 is way too low a skill to hide while standing in front of a Giant or Jungatha.

The good news is that hide can be learned from critters too. Not sure if the slowness of learning has been changed or not but at first it was very slow.

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Re: Hiding in combat

Postby GDNATHEME » Feb 17, 2004 (3:30 pm)

Yep, trenmarc is right on with this one. Just to give you an idea, in order to hide on a marbled jungatha, if you were level 50, you'd need hiding in the upper 70s, maybe 80s, depending on certain factors.

As far as learning rate goes, remember that you will always learn better from being succesful in difficult tasks. So, barely being able to hide or hiding on large numbers of things is the key.
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