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first aid

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first aid

Postby Goharo » Jan 23, 2004 (12:00 pm)

Whatever the name of this system is. Its a good one to start with. I rather dislike it and will be really sad if this stays the way it is. First problem its way to hard to get to bleeding. If a grey jungatha hits me 5 times in my arm and leaves angry red lessions every time that would make my arm bleed only certain hits will give bleeders and it seems for me those hits are all ones where i lose my chest. anyways damage should add up
you get so many scars on your hand then get hit again to leave another scar it should start a small bleeder then so and and so forth the bleeding would just get worse from more hits and you would have no hand. now for a larger body limb say you get hit in the leg 5 times thats a larger area maybe not all 5 hit in the same area or abouts could be hit 5 times in the leg and just get a buncha scars and not bleed should take more hits for an area like that and there should be more things that can bleed if we can bleed so can creatures and the bandages thats kinda cool but they always mess with the linen bandages i wear to cover my face thats all i got for right now if anyone else can think of a better change for the first aid system then please feel free to add on
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Re: first aid

Postby GDEXXY » Jan 23, 2004 (2:09 pm)

If I understand you correctly, your issues with TEND are:

(1) it's difficult to obtain a bleeding injury.
(2) you would like to see creatures bleed as well as players.
(3) you have bandages worn around your head, in which conflict with these bandages (the ones you need to TEND with).

And to respond:

(1) we're currently aware of this and have considered your suggestion as well as a number of others we've come up with to help product bleeding injuries where appropriate, but not too frequently. Something will be updated and/or changed in the immediate future.
(2) This is one of many planned upgrades we will be giving our NPCs/creatures in the future, though I can't confirm or even approximate a date for you.
(3) I suppose the easiest way to fix this would be to produce more bandage types, like gauze. This is a problem that only you are experiencing (unless two people out there have other types of bandages) and can easily be overcome by using the SECOND or OTHER keyword (REMOVE SECOND BANDAGE instead of REMOVE BANDAGE) or if it's in your container, the FROM keyword (GET BANDAGE FROM MY BACKPACK), so for now, it may stay like it is.
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