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a question for anyone who can answer it

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a question for anyone who can answer it

Postby SHAMAN » Jan 16, 2004 (11:43 am)

does anyone know anythi about this item...most importantly weather its magickal er nae an jes nae werkin correctly?

a worked leather bracer with crimson panes.

im askin for tha simple reason of..
to me knoledge im wearin the alotted 4 enhancers thas able ta be worn with nae overlappin yet it seem every otha time i log in me skills in my bonus to agility is off set (downwards) by 2 an fer tha life of me ive apped everythin i wear several times an still kin nae figure out why its as if im wearin 5 items. now this bracer ive nae eva seen afore an i have been asked by those older than me from where i got it wich leads me ta believe it may be special in some way, cauz otha than tha, most everythin else i own is store baught er was at one time.

the only otha item i wear tha ive nae baught er seen ina store is my staff wich was given ta me upon completion of a task...
so in short ifn anyone kin help me wit this enigma id gladly appreacitete it.

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Re: a question for anyone who can answer it

Postby GDEXXY » Jan 17, 2004 (12:51 am)

Buzz me in game sometime and I'll take a good look at it for you.
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