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ability scores...

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ability scores...

Postby ellisj » Dec 24, 2003 (3:16 am)

hello again,
just wanted to say that it would seem to me that since more ability scores are important to train higher since the rebuild (for instance a fighter needs to train wisdom and intelligence now unlike before) that we would, or should have got at least some more points to train with then before. if not someone please explain to me why this is. or why i am wrong about this. but my barbarian is nowhere near the fighter he was before the rebuild even, for the first time since i started this game he seems to have a problem with getting overburdened :cry: , because i had to take away from strength,agility to give to wisdom an intelligence and coordination (which replaced charisma, another thing i don't see many fighters training) and for the first time since i have played this game it takes him 3 seconds to swing a regular dagger :( just don't quite seem right to me, but what do i know this is the first game i have ever played a game like this and i am not afraid to admit "i am still learning". every day i learn something new bout it. thanks exxy an everyone else for all your efforts.
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