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Looking forward....

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Looking forward....

Postby DYLNPERRY » Nov 23, 2003 (3:39 pm)

It was mentioned in another topic that the Sailor Guild will be released in 2 to 4 months tops, just curious Exxy what other guilds, etc. will be heading into release as well at least the things that aren't super secret anyway.

Can ya tell us?
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Re: Looking forward....

Postby GDEXXY » Dec 17, 2003 (5:04 pm)

Next up on the horizon...

Necromancers, Priests, and Scholars are next on the class release list.

Necromancers are waiting for NPC control systems for summoning and controlling undead and the NPC-vs-NPC combat subsystem so that summoned/controlled NPCs can attack other NPCs on the Necromancer's behalf. Their conceptual development is complete and there is probably less than 10 hours of solid coding work necessary before we can release them if it weren't for the dependance on those two NPC systems, which are in progress. I'm not going to wager a guess on how long either will take.

Priests are also waiting on the NPC control system so they can turn and destroy undead. Priests may also have some kind of summoning ability/spell, though it's unclear at this time. Priests are still under some conceptual development (mostly spells and abilities) and will be released at roughly the same time as Necromancers.

Scholars are only waiting on conceptual development as they are kind of a unique class that overlaps some areas a profession would handle. In fact, we may need to wait until professions are out before releasing Scholars because there would otherwise be little for the average Scholar to do without professions.

Beyond that...

Beyond that, we have a final four more classes that are in the very early stages of development: Mercenary, Shaman, Mentalist, and Sailor.

Mercenaries will be kind of a combination of Barbarian and Thief. We will strive to make Mercenaries a unique and enjoyable class, but I'm afraid I don't have a lot of information to give you about them yet.

Shaman is still a class that's up in the air. We've been thinking about it for a year and a half and may just merge them with Druids.

Mentalists will be an offshoot of Monks and will definitely happen. This is where the bulk of our psychic powers/spells will come from.

Sailors will be your sea-faring fighting class, giving huge bonuses to sea and aerial battles and skills affected while not on land.

Third-tier classes?

Some of you may recall as far back as our alpha testing phase that we were planning on third-tier classes. These are officially not going to happen -- second tier classes ("Evolved" or "Prestige" classes) are final and will have no level limit. We may opt for clans, sects, and other organizations to seperate the larger, more successful classes some and to help diversity as well as introduce more specific spells and abilities for each class, but we'll see how things go after the remainder of the second-tier classes and professions are released.

We also played with the idea of multiclassing. This is still a possibility, although not a strong one. This is another "we'll have to see how things go".
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