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Quest for the Royal heirlooms

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Quest for the Royal heirlooms

Postby DYLNPERRY » Nov 22, 2003 (8:10 am)

Just wanted to say last night's search for the heirlooms which turned out to be not heirlooms was a lot of fun as far as trying to locate them and a bit of RP with the Prince and others involved.

Looking forward to more events coming our way.

Thanks again!

Shouldn't have to apologize but just in case, sorry to Goharo and Clauddvon for Vedar's comments they were just in RP.
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Young Forums Adventurer
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Re: Quest for the Royal heirlooms

Postby Clauddvon_Mauddiv » Nov 22, 2003 (9:53 am)

Vedar, no harm no foul. I was doing a bit of RP myself as you could see, albiet, perhaps not the kind you'd all do, but nonetheless was fun for me. I'm prepared for such opposing RP when I RP as I did last night and no offense taken.

Staff, great event.
Clauddvon Maud'divv
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