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Postby ALLRIGHT » Sep 14, 2003 (3:27 pm)

I'm just wondering what exactly the policy is on causing a lot of scroll. With the skills the way they are there is a lot of hiding, unhiding, searching, etc. I personally dont mind the scroll, thats why theres a scroll bar, but some do. I just want to know the policy, verbed items cause scroll, emptying boxes causes scroll, even the amount of fluff that I wear causes scroll. I looked and didnt see anything in the policy exactly so I dont know if i missed it, or if I'm looking in the wrong place, or if there is even a policy on scrolling. Thanks
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Re: Scrolling

Postby GDEXXY » Sep 14, 2003 (4:03 pm)

Policy talks about scrolling in section 11.5 in the third paragraph.

Basically anything excessive that's disturbing the other players. Tthat's kind of a grey area by saying "excessive", which is why it's generally not grounds for a warning unless the player has been asked to discontinue the activity first.
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