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Postby Rob » Sep 12, 2003 (6:30 pm)

What else can be carved at this time?

In Armorsmithing there are: braces,shields
In Bowyering there are: Arrows
In Weaponsmithing there are: clubs,staffs,quarterstaffs,daggers,short swords
In general there are: toys,vials,boxes,bowls,clogs,anklets,shealths,necklaces,crosses,rings,canes,statues,firgures

Looking for more things.

P.S. I know of 39 different animals ( I think)
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Re: Carving?

Postby GROVENBURGER » Sep 12, 2003 (6:47 pm)

Pipes for smoking
Canes are a weapon between staffs and clubs

I also list 39 animals so far

Woodcarver Gorm
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Re: Carving?

Postby GDEXXY » Sep 12, 2003 (7:59 pm)

You can carve all of the following (with varying difficulties):

anklet, arrow, badger, bat, bear, bowl, box, bracelet, bracers, cane, clogs, club, cow, cross, dagger, dog, dove, dragon, eagle, elephant, ferret, figurine, fox, frog, griffin, gryfalcon, hawk, hedgehog, horse, jackal, jungatha, kitten, leopard, lion, lynx, mask, monkey, mouse, necklace, nightingale, owl, panther, penguin, phoenix, pipe, porcupine, rabbit, ram, rat, ring, shark, sheath, shield, snake, spider, staff, stag, swan, sword, tiger, turtle, unicorn, vial, whale, wolf, and wolverine.
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