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Gem values?

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Gem values?

Postby Rob » Sep 3, 2003 (7:11 pm)

I have notice that my gems are not worth as much as they used too! Some gems have lost over 2000 in value. Platinum nuggets have lost like 1000 in value. Was it just to balance things out?
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Re: Gem values?

Postby GDEXXY » Sep 11, 2003 (12:32 pm)

I've added a lot of new gems recently (in the past month). You may have noticed some tiger's eye... bronze nuggets... fossilized wood, etc. I don't think I changed the values of any gems, but it's possible I did. If so, I did it to help balance, but I would have made an announcement about it -- so unless I forgot, which isn't completely out of the question, I probably didn't.

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