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All the new 1000 names in forums?

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All the new 1000 names in forums?

Postby Rob » Aug 25, 2003 (6:50 pm)

Was it really neccessary to add 1500 of new forum names. Where some people may never ever write in the forums? Now I have 2 names the one I use (Rob) and the one you added for me(ROB). Seems a little silly to me.
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Re: All the new 1000 names in forums?

Postby argathian » Aug 25, 2003 (9:56 pm)

good point i like the one im usein i dont want my other one. just through the others way i say
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Re: All the new 1000 names in forums?

Postby GDEXXY » Sep 11, 2003 (12:49 pm)

A forum account name was and is created for every Eaxia account we have to integrate our forums with our standard Eaxia Online account system and to allow auto-logins between the primary Eaxia website and our message forums in a smooth, single-click process. While this isn't working for everyone, it's been a relatively great improvement for many.

For it to work, every Eaxia account was created a message forum account. Hence, there's 1,500+ new message forum accounts.
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