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Postby arriend » Aug 7, 2003 (10:49 pm)

It's recently been brought up on other threads, but not so much directly...I think being OOC (Out Of Character) should hold some sort of weight...I could understand in the earlier testing stages of a game having some lenience, but at this stage the OOC players really bring down the atmosphere.
I'm not sure what would be a good way to go about directing this change, but even some beta games give a character a "shock" or reminder of some sort that they are to try to stay in character when in game.
Anyhow...there's not much more to add to this, except asking for others ideas on the matter, something just seems off to me when you have some decent RP goin' on and someone spouts off "What do we type to..." or however they may go about not being IC, questions can just as easily be whispered to other players to avoid this, but repeated offenses are a bit obnoxious...

But hey, no ones perfect, just thinking we should start moving into a more IC direction.
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Postby GMGLORYANNA » Aug 8, 2003 (2:27 am)

Being OOC does have penalties, in varied degrees. I myself have done anything from a gentle nudge to giving them an official OOC warning to remind players that they have done or said something of an OOC nature that I have found disruptive. Unfortunately though, we as staff cannot completely "police" the OOC things, as we may not always be around when such things happen.

Sometimes the OOC instances happen because you have someone around who is very brand-new to the whole RP idea, and how one goes about being In-character, and for those occasions, a gentle nudge from another player who is willing to teach someone how to role play, or at least stay IC, is the best solution.

Now, if it happens to be an existing player, who I know does know how to stay IC, and/or I notice OOC behavior that is disruptive to the environment, you can bet I will say something to that player.

GM Gloryanna
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