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Unbuffed Character tranfers

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Unbuffed Character tranfers

Postby GROVENBURGER » Jul 27, 2003 (12:12 pm)

The subject says it all. I know the server is shut down still but wonder if there would be anyway I could transfer my pallie from over there to stay here since that would give me a character that not stuck and waiting on guilds to work above 20th finally? Although would remove one of the few raisers over there Brian was a favorite of mine and I'd like to work on him again. :(

Maybe if any others have the same interest you could find a way to hook in long enough to transfer ? :twisted:
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Grand Forums Adventurer
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Postby GDEXXY » Aug 9, 2003 (3:09 am)

We won't ever be supporting character transfers between gaming services, whether that's simular games such as Eaxia Online (Standard) and Eaxia Online: Unbuffed or between Haelrahv and Eaxia Online (Standard), etc.

Sorry, but to be fair to everyone and due to technical restrictions, we just can't.
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