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two things

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two things

Postby latrinsorm » Sep 8, 2002 (3:02 pm)

the first things was actually solved a day after this was posted, so ignore the title.<br><br>second off, a question: i believe someone said sometime (vague enough?) that all professions would eventually get to have their own feats, like monks do now. what with 2nd-tier classes popping up left and right, my question is will (for instance) paladins be able to get fighter feats a) only if they were fighters before, b) willy-nilly, fighter or cleric before, or c) not at all?<br>and if the answer is c), will 2nd-tier classes such as paladins get their own profession-specific feats?<br><br>-Keat the Fighter
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Postby GDEXXY » Sep 30, 2002 (12:46 pm)

Professions will be based off of skills (Profession, Craft, and specific skills relating to the trade at hand), not feats.

Skills are generally trainable by anyone, specific to the class. (No, barbarians cannot be alchemists since they cannot train the Alchemy skill).

I think this answers all of your questions. :)
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