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Campaign to Keep Eaxia Clean!

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Campaign to Keep Eaxia Clean!

Postby Beledonna » Jul 26, 2002 (8:43 am)

I posted this once before I believe, but more on the lines of just being able to discard anything. If that isn't feasible because of possible abuse, what does everyone think about just a DISCARD {type of box} ?  I know when I'm sitting relaxing in my home opening 20 boxes, it'd be great to be able to just DISABLE, open, get the items, then DISCARD the box right then and there.<br><br>When I'm at home opening 20 boxes, I have to either make a mess outside my house by running in and out, (since I keep certain gems in certain boxes inside my home) or keep running to the square to dump them in the trash bin.<br><br>I'd prefer not to see the mess around town, or in front of my home, waiting until the janitor picks them up.  I guess it's just a pet peeve of mine to Keep Eaxia clean!<br><br>Please please consider this. <br><br>Thanks!<br><br>Jinxa
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Re: Campaign to Keep Eaxia Clean!

Postby GDASTRACON » Aug 24, 2002 (4:38 am)

[glow=red,2,300]I like that idea.. but then I don't get to choose how stuff works... just thought I'd post since noone else replied. peace out I got work to do.. wait.. I don't work.  Hrm, I'm sure I can find something to do.[/glow]<br><br><br>What's my name agian?<br>
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Re: Campaign to Keep Eaxia Clean!

Postby latrinsorm » Sep 7, 2002 (1:59 pm)

or maybe (and this would be REAL cool) we could have especially strong characters (20+ strength) CRUSH certain objects into dust, or nothingness, or whatever. and to make sure you don't crush stuff you'd actually want, you would have to enter the command to crush twice to actually get it going, kinda like the skill training system. the only problem (as with most item deletion schemes) is if someone got his paws on a favored treasure or weapon of some kind and proceeded to crush it to pieces, although it would fit better in an IC sense than just tossing it over his shoulder into the void.<br><br>-Keat the Fighter (who is ashamed that he has less than 20 strength)
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