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Doing fun things from hiding?

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Doing fun things from hiding?

Postby Beledonna » Jul 10, 2003 (3:22 pm)

As I was in hiding today, I started wondering. Wondering why, just because I was in hiding, I couldn't do certain verbs. Like Giggle, or Sigh.....for example. For RP purposes especially. I'd love it if we could do a few things from hiding. Especially verbal verbs. Not so much physical verbs, like hugging or touching anyone of course. But laughing, giggling, snorting, muttering, things along those lines.
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Young Forums Adventurer
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RE: Doing Fun Things From Hiding

Postby GDOBDURATUS » Jul 13, 2003 (5:23 pm)

Several upgrades to verbs have been being worked on and designed recently, and the cataloguing of all of our emotes was recently done by Arementa, which will help to facilitate the finding of all the ones we need to target with with which upgrades - one of which will include changes to the way hiding affects some verbs. Stay tuned!
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