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Attn: Players

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Attn: Players

Postby GDOBDURATUS » Jul 3, 2003 (10:20 pm)

Rather than going every one of you guys individually, and likely missing many of you in the process, I wanted to offer my apology to the player base as a whole here for my recent bout of absences and the resultant delays caused by them. I haven't exactly had a life-crisis or anything that I could gain some sympathy from explaining, unfortunately hee, but rather a string of individually small occurences that left me unable to be available and meeting my deadlines. Storms, a day long power outtage, an incompetent cable company that managed to leave me without internet service (or cable TV) for two days, and a week of massive amounts of overtime at work are all on that list. (I never claimed they were impressive or anything, so quit rolling your eyes :P)

The good news is this; it would appear (knock on wood) that the god of annoyances and nuisances appears to have grown bored with me, and I'll be able to get back to work. The first order of business will be to, well, actually, this was the first order - to apologize to those of you that did not see the things you expected to see (auction-purchased player homes, the militia gauntlet results, etc, etc), when you expected to see them. Next will be to get caught up on those things I am behind on, as expediently as possible.


P.S. - This doesn't mean that those of you with whom I amuse myself by stringing along with things I never have any intention of actually doing will be seeing the things with which I string you along. You know who you are. <snickers>
~Game Director Obduratus Veralothe,
~ The Incomparable
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Eaxia Online senior staff
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