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Pouring and potions

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Pouring and potions

Postby latrinsorm » Sep 2, 2002 (3:59 pm)

there's somethin funky with the POUR command, in that it causes vials to report themselves as empty but in fact remain filled infinitely (quite the trick, that). i've had this happen to me twice, once with a vial that held the glowing white potion, and just now with a vial that held the swirling purple potion. i don't know if i'm just making dirty vials, or what, but it's very disturbing and unbalancing, what with me never running out of potions and such.<br><br>so, staff folks (with whom I'm talking), please respond as to solutions and/or suggestions for my problem.<br><br>Thanks a bunch!<br>-Keat the Fighter
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Postby GDEXXY » Sep 30, 2002 (12:51 pm)

I have not been able to successfully reproduce this problem.

If you come across it again and/or have more details, please report them to me at BuXX@XXXXX.XXX.

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