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Mantaya Island

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Mantaya Island

Postby GMCANTERRO » Apr 26, 2003 (10:52 am)

I read the post on the wish list on this subject and I have a couple of things to ask about it.
Could there be a way to get there without having to wait for that blasted boat: It's fast but when I want to hunt I would rather not like to wait! When people resort to buying a house to put on the island so they can just tap to there with their home pin you know it's getting a little out of hand. and seeing as how I already have a house I doubt there are any moving service companies in semanri willing to move my hole in the wall all the way out to the island, I like where my house is just fine..but I would like being able to tap to the island whenever a heck of alot more:)
I like the overall idea of making the island not so out of the way, I'd like to see it become a little bit more rural if you catch my drift. Maybe there could be a resort of some kind set-up out o the beach, the possiblities are endless. :Imagines Tassem laid out on a wooden beach chair, sipping on a pina colada. Watching General Kabudle trying to rally the seagulls to conquer the pelicans: ...Darn pelicans... :lol:
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Postby GDEXXY » Apr 26, 2003 (1:31 pm)

There are two boats that serve the Mantaya Isle (one is automated, The RazorWave, and the other is player-driven, The Invader) and a crystal shard teleport location there too. My opinion is that it's plenty accessible, you just may not have known every way to get there.

We have some special plans for Mantaya Isle and the Istiilian Islands so keep your eyes peeled...
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