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Player housing

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Player housing

Postby GROVENBURGER » Apr 13, 2003 (10:19 am)

Well I missed both fund raisers so still don't have a house of my own anyways. Would be nice to have some empty houses and such we could just purchase in game, and let the architects get paid for additions / changes later on.

Vladim :twisted:
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Postby xgurlmech » Apr 13, 2003 (10:25 am)

That's a really good idea, I think it would help a lot of people out that cant afford a home during the fundraisers.
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Postby Rob » Apr 13, 2003 (4:01 pm)

Actually here are housing communities in semanri with empty houses in them. I don't know it they are habitable or not, but there a lot of them. Look around in town for the areas. I think a GM would be able to tell us if they are or not. I think renting them for gold per month in game would be a good ideal.
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player housing

Postby GDOBDURATUS » Apr 16, 2003 (4:59 pm)

There are plans in the works to supply you guys with an in character way to purchase homes, for in game gold. We will almost assuredly allow people who then wish to buy additions to their homes via the fundraiser do that as well, so you'll be able to have the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, I can't supply a timeline that this will happen in, but I know that several people have already done some work towards that goal, and as soon as a few other tasks that are of the utmost importance are finished, the work will recommence. Stay tuned. :)
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