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Group Experience

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Group Experience

Postby Lylie6 » Mar 18, 2003 (4:27 pm)

I think the shared experience is a truly great idea, however there are a few I've noticed who seem to be abusing it. If you're joined to one person, not making any attempt to attack the critter and instead are standing there in hiding or keeping disengaged why should you receive any experience for someone else doing all the work when they receive no experience at all? This is only my opinion but it's like some are leaching off from others to advance which is as bad as cheating in my eyes (and a few others that have noticed it too). I remember the Clerics guild getting hit for abuse of experience and can't help but feel this is pretty much the same thing only on a larger scale. Mind you this is coming from a Wizard, and Wizards and Mages can't really do much damage unless slingin spells at critters.

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Postby xgurlmech » Mar 18, 2003 (6:04 pm)

I think the group experience is a good idea, I personally think it is fine the way it is. Everything I have heard about this group experience is that healers should join a hunting party, stand back and heal. Thats what healers are for. A cleric, a mage, and a fighter hunting together, is the perfect hunting party. Everyone learns, everyone contributes in their own way. Even if a lower level person is hunting with a higher level person, the lower level person is contributing by keeping the higher level person company. Most people dont like to hunt alone, so I think this is fine the way it is.
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Postby xwielder » Mar 20, 2003 (10:33 am)

I gots ta admit I think it's great the way it is. First, whatever experience the "younger" one is learning from the "older" one doing all the killing, I'm sure is quite minimal. I'm a big huge fan of hunting parties and commrodery <--*(I know I spelled it wrong :P), and this system of group experience enhances and encourages it. Even if there are a select few individuals who think they are "cheating the system", I can be the first to assure you that you'll soon be disappointed to know that you're only wasting the time of all players in your hunting party, and in reality taking the long route to advancing or gaining experience for all characters involved. I would highly recommend to those individuals to re-read exactly how the mechanics work on group experience. I know Exxy posted it somewhere, so you'll have to ask him where if you're interested.

Group experience was introduced not as a means to gain mass amounts of experience in a relatively shorter time period, but simply as a small perk to hunting and fighting in a party. :)

Ok, I've said enough. Kudos to everyone who reads and posts on these boards.

~Paladin Xwielder Greystorm
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group exp.

Postby sackett » Mar 20, 2003 (1:38 pm)

I beleive that the game mechanics that are being aboused are in fact, when a higher character takes a smaller character to a smaller critter hunting area and going an a killing spree so that the smaller character can gain larger amounts of exp. in a quicker time frame.

I also beleive that if the higher character does not gain any exp. niether should the smaller characters in the group.

After all is said and done, I do like group exp., and hope to enjoy it for many days to come.

thank you for taking the time to read my opinions

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Postby GDEXXY » Mar 20, 2003 (2:29 pm)

If the level distance between the highest group member and lowest group member is too great, no experience will be yielded. Also, because of how we rate experience and level distance between a character and the creature they (or their party) killed, if the character is too high or too low for the creature, no (or very little) experience is awarded.

Try it. If a level 15th character kills a level 15th creature with a level 8 character in his group, the level 15th character will probably get about 30 XP and the level 8 character will receive 0 XP (possibly 1 XP, depending on fraction-rounding).
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