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Gaining balance in combat.

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Gaining balance in combat.

Postby notaguest » Mar 9, 2003 (5:34 pm)

I was hunting today, using the new system for the first time. When I was hunting creatures beneath my ability, I didn't have a problem staying balanced. When I tried something that I previously was able to hunt, I could not gain balance at all. I've looked for alternate commands or actions to use to regain balance and cannot find any listed. How does one regain balance in combat 2.0?
As I was attacking, I kept receiveing the message "your opponent is dominating you too much for you to *attempt* that move" (to paraphrase) That message to me means I should stop attempting that move. That move happened to be a jab. Where do I go from there if I am not supposed to attempt a jab?

Thank you for any input.
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