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Dexterity and Strength in combat

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Dexterity and Strength in combat

Postby Coupe » Dec 14, 2002 (11:33 pm)

I dont understand why you need both strength and dexterity to have a good to hit factor like the troll i made with 20 strength 18 dexterity i think it was, he had a 5,5 to hit factor and a good damage factor too something like 3,3.

I then made an avian with only 6 strength and 21 dexterity after completion and he had -2,-2 to hit and -3,-3 damage factor which was totally rubbish he couldnt even hurt anything took him over 10 mins just to kill a rat.

Shouldn't dexterity be the main factor into the to hit ratio and strength be the damage modifier instead of having to have both just to get a decent to hit factor?

The weaker races are being penalized far to much i think because of this there to hit ratio is really really bad unless you neglect the other stats to begin with.

I only really just started but thats the observation im getting from the stats. You either become really strong and have loads of dexterity or you suck at combat altogether unless you can use magic
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Postby GDEXXY » Dec 15, 2002 (12:40 pm)

Your frustrations are based on the misunderstanding that dexterity has an influence on your melee attack rating, which it doesn't. Dexterity does apply to your ranged attack rating, but not melee. Incidently, the largest factors in your base attack rating (which affects both melee and ranged) is experience level and class. A mage of at level 10 will have a much lower attack rating than a fighter of the same level and ability scores (assuming they're using the same weapons and are both proficient with them, etc.).

Please see our official libary section on what each of the ability scores do and how to best use them to your advantage:

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