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Game Events

Postby Guest » Nov 20, 2002 (8:45 am)

I heard a rumour that Mirus was making alterations the last few nights, which was in the wee early hours of the morning for me. I realize that most GMs have day jobs and most GMs are based in the US, but if at all possible it would be nice if you could try to accomodate those of us, if there are any more, that are not in the States. I'm not trying to have a go at anyone, just asking, mostly because I'm selfish. :)


Postby GDEXXY » Nov 20, 2002 (2:03 pm)

I'm afraid your request is a bit unrealistic. The alterer was around for several hours and there are times where we have other alterers come in at even later times to accomodate players like you with odd or foreign schedules.

We simply do not have the resources to schedule events, quests, festivities, and alterers during all hours of the day and though we do make efforts to accomodate the vast majority of the players, there are just not enough current resources in this project to have alterers at 1am - noon EST in most cases.

I appreciate your concern and sympathize with your frustration and hope you understand why this is generally not possible for our project.
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Postby GDOBDURATUS » Nov 23, 2002 (2:13 pm)

Mirus worked for 7+ hours, from 4pm until after 11pm CST the first day, and came back for a couple hours the next day. I'd have to say that a seven hour stint, doing work for everyone who walked into his tent was more than one could reasonably expect an alterer to do to encompass as many people as possible.
I agree that events should be staggered in time to accomodate as many players as possible, and I intend to see to it that players of all time zones will see some events thrown their way. What is, sadly, the unavoidable truth however, is that events are always going to be scheduled in a way that players who play at peak times will see more of them. While we want to include everyone, we want the most bang for our buck, so to speak. If we put a large amount of rescources into low usage times, more people would see less, and only a selective few would be happy.
Luckily for those of you who are not in the US, or who have weird sleeping patterns, I have a rather odd sleeping and availability pattern myself, and am likely to run and or schedule events accordingly. When we get weddings released, you can expect the presence team to become more event oriented with roleplaying, events, and surprises on a whole to be more common.

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Postby GDASTRACON » Nov 27, 2002 (12:19 pm)

Since when do you sleep obie? :-P
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