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Postby dennyj » Oct 24, 2002 (7:11 am)

Hi ya. Having played DR for many years now, I'm enjoying Eaxia a great deal and more than likely will be staying in the game.

What I'm finding about Eaxia that I don't like however is the simple "Attack creature" combat system. Being able to dictate your what type of attack you launch really IS a lot more fun than just "attack" and fun is obviously what these games are supposed to be about.

Maybe a few simple attack options could be added?

Denny J :D
denny a jones
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New Forums Adventurer
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Postby GDEXXY » Oct 24, 2002 (8:30 am)

Please visit our Direction page for detailed information about what's in store for Eaxia next. We have a full-blown combat rewrite right around the corner due the end of next month.
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