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Disabling boxes

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Disabling boxes

Postby Dracs » Oct 14, 2002 (12:36 pm)

First if this was covered , i would like to apologize now for repeating it.
I think that where the box came from should be a determining factor.
I know that each crutter you will receive optimum exp at a certain level, right?
I think that if a box came from a certain critter one should be able to disable that box about (for example) 50 % chance, thus if it came from a critter 1 level above you it should to 35 %, 2-20%, 3-5% and not at all if its came from a critter 4 levels above you. not based on the type of trap.
this is becuz although it may be a explosion trap, it should have degrees(ie tougher critter , tougher trap).thus goblins make simple explosion traop while nages make more complicated explosion traps.same with poison, goblins use weak poison, mages use stronger poison.
Just my thoughts........

OH i may be a bit stupid, but where is this rogue board at?

Postby GDEXXY » Oct 14, 2002 (12:44 pm)

Yep, this is/was currently being discussed in another thread already.

The individual class boards have not been re-created since we moved ot the new message board system. We will create them soon.
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