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New Box Experience

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New Box Experience

Postby Guest » Oct 9, 2002 (7:21 pm)

It seems a bit...low. ::grins::

I'd recommend making the trap difficulty based on the critter the box is from and then have the exp gain from disabling the trap based on the trap difficulty.

So some 23rd level Thief would get little(or no) experience from opening a goblin box...but might get a bit from dark ogre mages, a bit more from mummies and maximum experience from giants.(Just an example...)

Base trap difficulty(from easiest to hardest):

Gnome trap


Soul Stealer/Shadow

Poison Dart

That's just how I feel it should be...the only trap I ever really consider difficult are those #$%@ Poison Dart traps that I love so much. ::grins::

-DeathTouched Glim Faethyn...23rd Thief

PS: Might post a more coherent example after I've had some coffee.

Re: New Box Experience

Postby Fallyn » Oct 10, 2002 (8:24 am)

Low? How about.. almost non-existent? Before the experience/disabling change, I was told that the learning I gained from boxes was based on how successfully I disabled. That explained why I was learning so much from the 'lower level' traps, and about half as much on poison traps, which were the most difficult traps around.

Now, I'm learning almost nothing (20, 30 exp) on all traps but for poison. And the poison traps, I'm learning the same amount I was before, which now suddenly seems like tons.
As a highly-skilled disabling thief, there is currently NO advantage to having those skills. No incentive for a high-level thief to wish to disable boxes for other folks, other than they simply want to, which I do personally enjoy.

I'm hoping there will be a modification to these changes. I have trained other skills besides disabling.. but this new system is telling me that it was wasted training. I'm guessing that locked boxes will be coming out soon & will be another method of gaining professional experience.. but if the exp system remains unchanged, I'm not quite sure what that means.
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Postby GDEXXY » Oct 10, 2002 (11:17 am)

Try again!

The box disabling experience awarded is now balanced as it should have been from the start. The three easiest boxes, targeted primarily for rogues and YOUNG thieves, yield experience awarded slightly higher than combat for those levels (drawn on time spent opening boxes versus time spent hunting).

The first of new traps intended for thieves to disable yields 150 experience right now, which gives a 35th+ thief an easy 150 XP without much work. It is --not-- targeted for younger thieves. Let's also keep it in perspective that 150 XP is a lot and will generally be a lot for the duration of a thieve's life. 150 XP is about 0.5% of the total experience you need to level as a 35th level thief. Just 200 challenging boxes will put you at your next level without any other efforts. Or that's about 600-700 of the little boxes, where you put yourself in absolutely no danger at all.

Think about that for a moment.

I'm not bringing back 250+ XP boxes with no challenge and no risk involved. The younger-thief/rogue boxes being worth what they are yield about 0.8% of a rogue's level per box (based on a 40 XP average). Boxes, with sufficient skill (and level bonus), can be very quick and easy to disable, yielding more experience than combat over the same timeline. Not only that but many rogues and thieves hunt for their own boxes, giving them both the combat XP AND the box-opening XP. Other than fighters, rogues and thieves may be the fastest-leveling classes in the game.

Just keep that all in perspective.

And as for wasted skill training? I don't see any basis for argument here. How have you wasted any skill training?
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Eaxia Online owner
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Postby latrinsorm » Oct 10, 2002 (12:58 pm)

not to throw a monkey wrench in the works or anything, but my 13th or so level fighter got something like 250-300 exp for killing.. uh... something.. I think it was a nomadic half-orc, or something, which seems to be quite a bit more than your theoretic thief does..

-Keat the Fighter (who cares what I killed back then, what am I killing NOW?)
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Postby GDEXXY » Oct 10, 2002 (1:27 pm)

As briefly mentioned previously, combat experience will be fixed and balanced. I realize that some creatures are giving far more experience than they should be (which is super-accelerating level advancement) and we will be changing that pending full combat rewrite (see our "Direction" page on the left for more details).
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Eaxia Online owner
Eaxia Online owner
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