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Alchemy (Vials) Broken?

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Alchemy (Vials) Broken?

Postby Fallyn » Sep 28, 2002 (6:20 am)

I'm getting the messaging when trying to combine my extracted gantaya and kitanu root vials that:

You cannot mix the (color) vial with anything.

I've tried dumping the respective vials and extracting again, only to get the same response. A few minutes ago, I was able to create one new healing potion, but it's back to no mixing again now.

Help please? :?
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New Forums Adventurer
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Postby latrinsorm » Sep 28, 2002 (6:48 am)

i would suggest you make new vials, as this happened to me before with (I believe it was) a glowing white potion. It seems as if there is nothing inside, but some kind of residue remains that makes the potion you put in there actually not that potion, but still the original thing leaving behind some amount of itself....

now that I realize how rambling that response was, I'm sticking with "make new vials" :D

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Postby Guest » Oct 13, 2002 (11:47 pm)

The vial issue I get only when using the old 'potion' vials, in the past, as many of you may remember, the noun for them WAS 'potion', the noun currently is 'vial'. All my vials that used to be potions were bugged that same way. If you come across one, do what I do, trash it! and make a new vial. Hope that clears up the vial bug for you all!

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