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Assist, Bug, Typo, Report, Suggest?

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Assist, Bug, Typo, Report, Suggest?

Postby GDAUTUMN » Nov 23, 2010 (4:00 pm)

I figured I’d give a quick rundown of these commands and when they should be used. With having so many, it can be a bit confusing.


[Assistance System]

You should use the assistance system (ASSIST) if you require staff assistance regarding something that is not an emergency.

To use this command, type one of the following:
ASSIST ENTER Enters you into a line of people waiting for staff assistance. If there is no one else waiting, you will be the first in line.
ASSIST LIST Shows the number of people waiting for assistance and your position in line.
ASSIST CANCEL Removes you from the line of people waiting for staff assistance.

Here is the messaging for when you type ASSIST in game. Assist should be use when you need any kind of staff assistance. Such as not being able to get an item out of a container, you can’t enter your home, something seems to be wrong with your character, so on so forth.


REPORT ALL <message>
Sends a message to all staff who is logged into Eaxia. Use this command syntax only in emergencies or when you have a question or concern that requires an immediate response.

REPORT <staff character> <message>
Sends a message to a particular staff member only.

REPORT should be used only when there are Eaxia staff on-duty and you need immediate assistance with something. Harassment would be a good one here, so staff are alerted to it right away, and can check into the situation.

If you use report when there are no staff in-game your message won’t be seen. If there are not any staff IG it is best to use assist or email if you require assistance.


You can tell us about bugs or problems with the game by using the BUG command. If you also have a suggestion for us, use the SUGGESTION / IDEA command.

To report a bug, type BUG <description>.

BUG should be use when you’ve found a bug in the game itself. This could be something such as not being able to buy something in a shop that should be purchasable, noticing something wonky with critters, such as the name of that critter changing from one thing to another, etc. Again, if there is something wrong with your character you should assist, report, or email as appropriate.


You can report typos or grammar problems to us by using the TYPO command.

To report a bug or system defect, use the BUG command. If you have a typo or an idea for us, use the IDEA command.

To enter a your typo or grammar issue, type TYPO <description>.

I think this description pretty well explains itself. If you find a typo, misspelling, or grammatical error you use this to report it.


You can make suggestions to us or share your ideas about the game with us by using the SUGGESTION / IDEA command. If you'd like to discuss your ideas publicly with other players, we invite you to do so at our public message forums: http://www.eaxia.com/community/forums

To report a bug or system defect, use the BUG command. If you have spotted a possible typo or grammar problem, use the TYPO command.

To enter a suggestion, type SUGGESTION <description>.

This one is also pretty self explanatory. If you have a suggestion or an idea for Eaxia, you use this command to tell us about it. Another option is to go to the forums. The forums can also be used to report bugs and typos, too, or if you otherwise need assistance the forums are a great place to post.

Email should be used as needed too – if you have something that requires immediate attention, but there are no staff on, shoot us an email. If there is something wrong with your character and no staff around, shoot us an email! Email is one of the best ways to get in touch with staff should you need assistance or help with something.

If you need to email us, you should use this form: http://www.role-players.com/Eaxia/feedback.php

I can also be reached directly at GD-AutXXX@XXXXX.XXX.
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