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Player/Staff Metting Log - 8/12/07

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Player/Staff Metting Log - 8/12/07

Postby Leyara » Aug 13, 2007 (11:16 pm)

Greetings, players! Here is the log of the first Eaxia Online player/staff meeting, held on Sunday, August 12, 2007.

It is very long, but the meeting was well over 2 hours. We got a lot of good questions asked and covered a lot of ground.

I'm sure the rest of the staff joins me in looking forward to the next player/staff meeting on August 26th.

Color Key:
Game President

[Semanri Meeting Hall]
Laid out in amphitheatre style are several rows of redwood benches with cushioned leather coverings designed for comfort sloping down slightly away from the entrance. A polished redwood conference table dominates the east end of the stage. Lined up behind the table are a handful of masterfully carved redwood chairs with expertly woven wicker seats. Soft lighting from the candles in the six large chandeliers spread throughout reflects the heavy polish of the redwood furniture, dispelling the shadows from the room. A large redwood archway on the west wall is the only apparent exit.
Other life here: none.
You are inside.
Obvious exits: west.

Zeysoli says, "There's food west of here, but please refrain from drinking or eating once the meeting begins."

Astracon says, "Ok, we are going to give it a few minutes to make sure everyone has time to show up, then we are going to get started."

Astracon says, "Feel free to enjoy the snacks we have west of here on the cart."

Zeysoli says, "But not while we're speaking."

Zeysoli says, "My brain can only process so much spam."

Zeysoli says, "Before it implodes."

Astracon says, "Ok everyone, I'm going to say 5 more minutes and we are going to get this rolling, if everyone hasn't made it by then, they probably aren't going to make it."

Astracon says, "Ok, everyone."

Astracon says, "Lets go over a few things first."

Astracon says, "Please try to keep actions to a min, with a lot of people in the same room "screen scroll" can cause people to miss things."

Astracon says, "Everyone will get a turn to speak, if I have to sit here all night and half of tomorrow, so please don't try to talk over each other."

Astracon smiles.

Astracon says, "That being said, we'll start."

Astracon says, "I'm happy to welcome you all to the first offical player/staff meeting and hopefully there will be many more in the future."

Astracon says, "I"m sure many of you already know everyone on staff, but we are going to go around and introduce ourselfs."

Astracon says, "I'm Astracon, I head the systems development department."

Donnie says, "I'm Donnie, I'm the Areas Director and the slowest one talking here"
Donnie ducks.

Kerowyn says, "Err well hi I'm Kerowyn, I'm QC/Assurance Liaison as well as a systems developer."

Exxy says, "I'm Exxy. They just hired me."

Lyric says, "I am Lyric ....general idaes and a wordsmith in areas and rooms"

Zeysoli says, "Hi, I'm GameDirector Zeysoli for Presence, filling in for GameDirector Theophilus at the moment. He's on LoA, but I'm sure many of you know me from my /actual/ GD days in the past. I've been a player for over three years and a member of staff for over a year, as well. Oh, and I do Areas stuffs too."

Astracon says, "Ok, I'm going to address something you all want to know, and several people that were not able to attend want to know..."

Astracon says, "The new combat system."

Astracon says, "It is not ready yet, but we are working very hard on it."

Astracon says, "It is a very large and complicated system, and will take time to get it ready for the live game."

Astracon says, "I understand you have all been waiting for for a long time, and we are very sorry it has taken this long to do, but rest assure we are not putting it off, we are activily working on it."

Lenyx asks, "...Question. What exactly will this new combat system include?"

Astracon says, "It is a complete rewrite of combat."

Exxy says, "That may be something I can better answer"

Astracon says, "And almost every sub system that goes along with combat to include NPC."

Astracon says, "Aye, Exxy please."

Exxy says, "Rather than a cummulitive number of combat-related fixes and upgrades, I decided long ago (some of you may remember it being refered to as Combat 2004 when I originally started the project) to just create a completely-new system."

Exxy says, "It may not seem like it, but the system we use now is based highly on the OSD d20 combat mechanics... which work great, but not for us."

Exxy says, "The new combat system uses a completely different set of mechanics that we've developed from scratch. It has better (now there's an arbitrary claim) handling of the various finite details in combat, such as position and balance and all of that, a more rhobust English system (to make things prettier), etc. But all of that is really just the start."

Exxy says, "It's including new types of combat, such as thrown weapons (axes, daggers, spears, etc.), chain and whip-type weapons, various martial-arts and unarmed combat styles, including the inclusion of the Rurowlian claws as a melee weapon"

Exxy says, "From a technical standpoint, a huge advancement that it also is written in a way where NPCs are handled exactly like players are. There's a lot of reasons why this is exciting, such as being able to equip NPCs like they're people and thus be disamed and so forth, spells and abilities will work the same, etc. The huge advantage for us as developers is that we ideally only have to write the code for an ability in one way, not in four (different permutations of targets, PvP, PvNPC, NPCvPC, and NPCvNPC), which means more reliable effects and less time it takes to develop them."

Exxy says, "Every mechanic possible that affects players will also affect NPCs using the same methods. That's a really huge deal that I can't stress enough because it really opens a lot of new doors for us, such as converting animal companions to NPCs, allowing NPC mercenaries to be hired with and grouped with, etc."

Shadius asks, "Exxy, would that also allow more interaction between NPC's and players?"

Exxy says, "Eventually, yes. It's opening a LOT of doors for us."
Exxy nods at Shadius.

Exxy says, "But enough about that -- we're also completely overhauling the equipment system, as some of you may have noticed with the opening of the new armor shop in town. There's very specific details on how this will work at the forums, so I'll spare the details here and now, but we're moving from a one-piece-armor system to multi-piece, which will require upgrades as you progress in skill and ability."

Exxy says, "The new combat system spans over almost all other major systems, including magic (rebalancing, mostly), fatigue/character stats, NPC info, etc."

Zeysoli says, "For those who are interested, the master thread for combat can be found at: http://www.role-players.com/Eaxia/commu ... php?t=1702"

Exxy says, "In fact, the number and type of creatures/NPCs in the list have over doubled with the introduction of nearly a dozen new hunting areas. We figured if we're rebalancing NPCs, we might as well close some of the gaps in level training and make things more unique out there."

Exxy says, "Because of the changes in equipment, new weapon and armor shops, treasure drop tables, crafting recipes, etc. have to be relesaed. Those of us not coding the new combat stuff directly have been busy with stuff like this and building new hunting areas and other, related support systems."

Exxy says, "Skills and abilities are being reworked, including a pick-and-choose tree type system for you to customize your character rather than each player of the same class receiving the same exact abilities. We plan on having general as well as class-specific abilities at this point."

Exxy says, "The conceptual designs on many of the combat changes has undergone a number of revolutions since it was originally conceived, but we're in the final stages of development on the vast majority of it now. I realize this has been ongoing and some have long-given up, but I can't stress enough how worth it the wait will have been and trust me that it's been a painful experience keeping it in development this long, myself."

Lenyx asks, "...You said the formulas would have to be rewritten, yes? Does that mean that our skill levels would be altered, as a result of that?"

Seth says, "and items... "

Dartain says, "Good question"

Dracye says, "I agree."

Exxy says, "I spent a long time evaluating how we could convert to new systems while minimizing the effect of your current skills and abilities. As it stands, we're leaning towards skills having new caps (maximum levels), but they will be effective caps. So if your new cap is 315 longsword and you have 335, it'll act like 315 without you actually losing any. When your cap goes up, your skill will effectively be higher automatically."

Exxy says, "That said, we're also condensing the number and type of weapon skills and adding them to the list of general abilities you can train from. Use of weapons you don't have the ability trained in, but do have skill for, will suffer some penalty (such as weaker attacks or inability to use special moves, etc.)."

Exxy says, "When that's finalized, you'll have full information on what to expect prior to the change at our forums, for certain."

Exxy asks, "Were there any other questions about the new combat system before I turn the floor back over to Astracon?"

Shadius asks, "When customizing yourself, are your choices permanent, or can they be altered later on?"

Lenyx asks, "Will we be able to use archery weapons without a guaranteed of a worse position...?"

Dartain asks, "Will magic be stronger?"

Exxy says, "The short answer is yes, Lenyx. All of the current combat-related bugs, such as ranged weapons and position, ranged weapons skill training, PvP issues, etc. are nonexistant in the new combat system."

Exxy says, "Which is why it's a new system rather than a fix of the old."

Exxy says, "Magic damage will ideally be on par with that of heavy-duty warriors. In general, you will deal slightly more damage than that, as your resevoir can be depleted (and a sword arm not as much)."

Dartain says, "Coolie"
Dartain nods.

Exxy says, "Abilities you train, should you focus on mystic studies and less in other areas, can hone the damage you deal. I'd like to see some well-respected wizards out there."

Seth says, "or not so... "
Seth smiles darkly.

Lenyx asks, "Just to be specific, will the repeating crossbow be able to fire all six shots, in PvP?"

Exxy smacks Seth in the back of the head.

Dartain says, "sounds like fun"

Exxy nods at Lenyx.
Exxy says, "Yes."

Lenyx nods.
Lenyx grins.
Lenyx says, "Excellent..."
Lenyx laughs evilly.

Exxy smiles.

Lyric asks, "and recurve and longbows?"

Exxy says, "One each"
Exxy winks at Lyric.

Lyric beams at Exxy!

Exxy says, "Okay I'm going to stop the discussion of the new combat system for now -- we can talk about it again at the next meeting or at any time at the forums."

Exxy nods at Astracon.
Astracon smiles.

Astracon says, "As you can all see from what Exxy has said, we are not just releaseing a new combat system, it is a HUGE release and is more than worth the wait."

Astracon says, "Ok, give me just a second and we will go around the room, please give us your honest opinion about what you think would help Eaxia grow, and things you would like to see in the game."

Astracon smiles.

Astracon says, "Ok, Arki if you will start."
Astracon smiles.

Akri exclaims, "But I have nothing to say!"

Lenyx asks, "You've been here a few days...Don't you have any opinions on what could be changed, and/or bettered?"

Astracon says, "No please there has to be something you would like to see in Eaxia."
Astracon smiles.

Akri shakes her fist at Lenyx!
Lenyx says, "She wants to see the Pirate's guild out, if anything."
Akri exclaims, "Yes!"

Lenyx says, "So then I guess...She'd want to ask when we can expect it coming out."

Astracon says, "I'll turn that over to Zeysoli, since her department would handle that."

Zeysoli says, "Pirates."
Zeysoli says, "Well.."

Zeysoli says, "I won't say no to the idea of collecting information concerning Pirates -- if you'd like to submit an idea, by all means."
Zeysoli says, "However.."

Zeysoli says, "We still have Priests to finish, and after that, Rangers and a few other guilds need rewrites."
Akri shakes her fist.

Zeysoli says, "It won't be a priority just yet, but it is quite definitely on the list."
Kanai frowns.

Lenyx asks, "...Is there any general time range we could expect it in? A few months, or so?"

Zeysoli says, "I know plenty of people are looking forward to it, but I feel we have to make good on our preexisting promises first."

Zeysoli says, "I don't feel comfortable giving a date, when I can't be 100% positive it will be then."

Zeysoli says, "Sorry, guys. But, we have Priests coming out soon -- which will be a lot of fun."

Astracon smiles at Zeysoli.
Seth says, "dark priests..."
Zeysoli chuckles.

Astracon says, "Bernadette you have the floor."

(Bernadette passed.)

Astracon says, "Gottcha, skip Dartain."

Dartain says, "I don't want to be to long. I think it would be great for item such as winter jackets to decrease weather endurence while learning it. I also think that teaching should be an avoid comment, because it's a way to gauge a persons skill."

Dartain says, "And I believe all guilds should have level 100 titles not just certain ones."

Bernadette says, "I'd just like to see Wizards get improved. "

Bernadette says, "I mean."

Bernadette says, "I hate magic and all."

Dartain says, "WIzads"

Bernadette says, "But."

Dartain says, "about that"

Bernadette says, "I'd like to use it."

Dartain says, "Being weak in defense and offense and magic bein weak too. kinda gives u s a downfall"

Dartain says, "But Exxy already answered that."

Astracon nods.

Dartain says, "So"
Dartain says, "I'm good"

Astracon says, "I personaly am not opposed to protective gear for weather, that is something we will look into."
Astracon smiles.

Bernadette says, "And wands."
Bernadette hums to herself.

Zeysoli says, "And the other points you made are valid, Dartain."

Dartain says, "Thank you."

Donnie says, "Higher level titles have been part of the guild rewrites when they happen"

Astracon says, "Aye, which I beleive is what Zeysoli ment by making good on promises we already made (finishing up other classes)."

Zeysoli nods at Astracon.
Zeysoli says, "Exactly."

Astracon asks, "Anything else Dartain?"

Dartain says, "New races. I think it would be cool to have a Vampyre race or guild"

Dartain says, "that'd be pretty neat"

Astracon says, "Hrm.."

Llanos asks, "that could kinda maybe a add on to the necro guild?"

Exxy says, "That's something we've considered since Eaxia's conception."

Dartain says, "T'would be interesting. bat features. feeding off dead corpses."

Lenyx asks, "Wouldn't they technically be weaker during daylight hours, if outside...?"

Dartain says, "Bonus at night"

Bernadette says, "Health regenerated as the feeding goes."

Exxy says, "Here's my thoughts on vampires and other immortals: they don't make a good playable race since other races can't compete."

Exxy says, "So we can either have half-breed not-as-good-as-vampires or not at all."

Lenyx says, "Or have 'em as enemies."

Twingia says, "but they are immortals so havin them as enemies woundnt that be just harder"

Exxy says, "No one wants to play an inferior race (except for the rare role-playing angle). Honestly, if we release vampires, werewolves, demons, etc. then they'll surely take over."

Exxy says, "However, and I don't want to give something away prematurely, there are developments in active process for vampires."

Zeysoli says, "Perhaps not the RP that everyone would enjoy. We all enjoy participating in dark, dreary RP at times... but not all the time."

Exxy says, "And that's all I want to say about the subject. They aren't tabboo for the world of Eaxia, but they are not for players to play as."

Bernadette says, "And as events go. I'd like to see more of those."
Bernadette says, "Just wanted to add that."

Tyrsonae says, "long as arrows count as stakes, I don't care... oh and we can coat the arrows in holy water..."

Lenyx asks, "Like invasions, or other stuff?"

Bernadette says, "Aye."

Dartain says, "An Alchemist guild would be neat. help restock potions be like a traiter. make clothes with the hides and what not, i think that would be neat. my last idea sorry"

Exxy says, "Well we have a Scholar's guild already on the horizon (may have a name change) and we have alchemy as part of trade skills, so I think between the two, that's sufficiently covered..."

Bernadette says, "Mostly invasions."

Astracon says, "We will not do anything to unbalance the eaxia races, so while we might come out with things like that, they will have to be "watered down" to fit in with the other races."

Bernadette asks, "Will shield usage come about?"

Astracon says, "And yes, shield useage will be a part of the new combat system."

Jamendithas asks, "Is there anything going to trade things wise? Meaning will gold be worth more then goblin dung anytime soon?"

Astracon says, "With the prices in eaxia stores, I'd say gold is worth more than diamonds."

Dartain says, "T'would be coo to have out of the ordinary items that is so pricy that value make it rare."

Astracon says, "It is not because of their own gold."

Astracon says, "That is because of very nice older players."

Zeysoli says, "Well, I agree that there are some economic problems in the lands."

Zeysoli says, "But those are ones we are working to address -- particularly with shop prices and home prices."

Astracon says, "Honestly, money issues in eaxia are a low priority, if that is our only concern, life would be wonderful. Don't think we aren't looking at it, but as far as an "overhaul" its low on the list."

Jamendithas asks, "Speakin of overhaul, I'm sure you've already discussed this but is there gonna be anythin new for the wizard's guild?"

Jamendithas says, "I've lost all ambition to level"

Astracon says, "We hope to finish ALL guilds and put out more stuff for them."

Astracon says, "I wouldn't, when it all comes together, you would not want to miss out because you got discouraged now."

Lenyx asks, "...So...Is it Dracye's turn?"

Astracon says, "Yes."
Dracye says, "Great now I get the pressure"

Dracye says, "Ok well, I've only been here for a little while, not long enough to actully have any actual changes in mind"

Exxy says, "Well, then you're FIRED."
Exxy winks at Dracye.

Exxy says, "No worries, but as the case always is: the door's always open to talk about issues and ideas."

Donnie says, "And this won't be the only meeting like this"

Lenyx asks, "There's another on the 26th, right?"

Dracye says, "Well, lets see......Is there anyway, I'm just spit ballin here."

Astracon says, "Yes, and that is only the start, I want to have 2 a month at least."

Lenyx asks, "Kanai's turn, then?"
Lenyx glances at Kanai.
Lenyx says, "Or."
Lenyx says, "Wait..."

Dracye says, "Yeah I pass"

Lyric says, "as more is released ...forgive me for speaking out ...you will have many wonders to marvel at and discuss here"

Astracon says, "I beleive Drayce had something he was goign to say."

Dracye says, "I've barely seen everything this place offers, being a noob and all."

Astracon says, "Please go ahead Dracye, everyone's opinion matters."

Dracye says, "What about some special techniques you gain from achieving a certain level or you can learn from your guild, is that a dumb question"

Astracon says, "The only "dumb question" is the one not asked."

Zeysoli says, "As far as that goes, I think some guilds do offer special 'abilities' at certain levels."
Zeysoli says, "Necromancers come to mind."

Lenyx says, "Draining...Ressurecting...Killing people at STS..."

Astracon says, "We do have those, in the form of spells for magic users, and abilities for the non-magic users."
Donnie says, "And Druids too"

Zeysoli says, "I don't think the last one was an intentional ability."
Zeysoli glances at Lenyx.

Llanos exclaims, "barbarians get abilities charge on!"

Lenyx says, "I meant as a necromancer ability."

Astracon asks, "Yeah.. someone send me notes on how that happens?"

Zeysoli asks, "Killing as STS?"
Zeysoli peers curiously at Astracon.
Astracon says, "I'll look into that.."
Lenyx nods at Zeysoli.

Lenyx says, "Marz has killed me, like...A dozen times at STS."

Astracon asks, "Anything else Drayce?"

Dracye says, "No, I still need to explore this world more so next meeting I hope to have a better question"

Astracon nods.

Astracon says, "Garrett, you have the floor."

(Garrett passed).

Astracon says, "Kanai"

Kanai says, "Hmm, I can't really say. I haven't explored enough, I'm afraid. I'd like to be of help, and believe me, I've thought... but, I just can't get anything up."

Zeysoli says, "No worries, Kanai. For those of you who have no ideas currently, and find you have some later, suggestions can be made on the forums or in game using the IDEA or SUGGESTION commands."

Astracon says, "Well, as your knowledge of Eaxia grow I'm sure you will have more ideas and thoughts about what you would like to see and I ask that you return and share them with us."

Astracon smiles.

Astracon says, "Lenyx"
Astracon says, "You have the floor.."

Lenyx says, "Alright, then."

Lenyx asks, "First off, will there be any additional looting places, for thieves, in the future?"

Astracon says, "Yes.."

Astracon says, "I'll go into this since its my baby.."

Astracon says, "Eaxia is getting a justice system."

Lenyx says, "I don't like the sound of that."

Astracon says, "Things for theifs are being held off until I finish that."

Lyric says, "something wicked this way comes"
Lyric points at Astracon.

Astracon says, "Infact, I had it almost finished and my computer crashed, and I lost everything, and then had to go on a LOA for a while, now that I am back I am back at it, and I have more ideas than I did the first go round so."

Lenyx asks, "Next, then. If necromancers are able to impale people at STS, wouldn't it only be fair if necromancers could be engaged at otherwise safe places, as well?"

Astracon says, "The fix would be to stop them from killing in safe places.. not do away with safe places."

Astracon says, "That is the first I've heard of that, it will be looked into I promise."

Lenyx nods at Astracon.

Lenyx says, "Hm...What else, what else..."
Lenyx asks, "In addition to the new combat system, will there be new enemies and areas to train opening up?"

Astracon says, "Oh yeah."

Dartain asks, "New levels?"

Exxy nods.
Exxy says, "We talked about that earlier"

Lenyx asks, "A new level cap? Past 100?"
Exxy says, "We're adding around a dozen new areas right off the bat, with lots of new creatures to fill them, over double the amount we have now."

Bernadette says, "The level cap should go past 100."

Lenyx asks, "Some for the lower levels, too, right?"

Exxy says, "We're not going to raise the level cap until all of the guilds are balanced a bit more. We want to make sure everyone's on a more fair playing field first."

Exxy says, "Yes, for all level ranges. And all the gaps filled."

Astracon asks, "Anything else Lenyx?"

Lenyx says, "Oh, why yes."

Lenyx says, "This one may sound sorta unreasonable...But could there be more realistic drops from monsters? Let me elaborate."

Lenyx says, "Much earlier on, I was fighting a flame beetle, I believe...When it died, it dropped a flaming falchion of freezing."

Lenyx says, "I was thinking that perhaps some of the droppable items could be classified according to size, so that otherwise tiny creatures wouldn't drop actual swords."

Zeysoli says, "That's a known problem that also ties into economics. I would personally like to see the Treasure System reevaluated. I know it's going to be tweaked with the Combat Rewrite, as well."

Astracon says, "That is something the new combat system will address (letting us equip them just like players, then dropping those items."

Astracon says, "Instead of a giant dropping a ring from its.. I don't even want to knwo."

Lenyx asks, "So hypothetically, if we're fighting a ghoul or something, only using its claws, it won't drop, like, an ethereal dagger?"

Astracon says, "It might be carrying a backpack and drop that which would contain items."

Lenyx asks, "Rather they can equip weapons?"
Lenyx says, "Or did I misunderstand you."

Astracon says, "Under the new combat system, a NPC could carry anything you could."

Lenyx nods.
Lenyx says, "Next, then. Throwing daggers."

Lenyx says, "I think throwing daggers would be a much more plausible weapon for thieves than, say, a crossbow."

Seth says, "i think throwing a crossbow would be very effective..."

Astracon says, "I would agree with that, and that is another issue the new combat system will address."

Lenyx says, "Seth reminds me. What if we were able to throw, like, every day items? That could do damage to players based on the aforementioned size category."

Zeysoli says, "Or even just their weight. That's interesting."

Marziale says, "Or no damage..just for the fun of throwing.."

Lenyx says, "Fun of throwing is good...But perhaps some of the weapons would be made to do damage."

Dartain says, "Oh another huge problem if y'all don't mind me adding. being attacked while hidden and dyin and hiding...seems kinda wierd and hard to point out adept hiders."

Astracon says, "That accutaly isn't a bad idea, but again would have to wait for the combat system rewrite to go live."

Astracon says, "Ok anything else Lenyx."

Lenyx says, "Much more."
Lenyx smiles.

Lenyx asks, "If someone's hiding and begins to engage someone...Wouldn't it make sense that the person being engaged wouldn't notice?"

Lenyx says, "I tested this on Jammers, and he said he noticed me approach him."

Astracon says, "Well, lets really think about that for a second."

Astracon says, "How stealthy would you have to be to sneak up within inches of someone (normaly melee attack range)."

Tyrsonae asks, "wouldn't that depends on a person's perception?"

Astracon says, "Possible of course."

Lenyx says, "True..."
Lenyx says, "It could be sneaking up on them from behind."

Lenyx says, "But as Tyrsonae said, perhaps someone could notice it, based on their searching skills, or the like."

Astracon says, "Which would bring about a different type of attack really."

Llanos asks, "maybe the closer you get you start getting a negative to your hide?"

Astracon nods at Llanos.

Astracon says, "And it is something I would like to see, but, that will take more work on the thiefs class (which will be done, infact I want to take that one on personally), and the new combat system."

Shadius says, "technically I think the skill to detect would be listen, not searching based on our current system"

Lenyx says, "They could both tie in."
Lenyx looks at Shadius and shrugs.
Lenyx says, "If the search was high enough, the person would be unhidden, and be engagable, let's say."
Seth offers to teach Dracye.
Lenyx says, "And if listen was high enough, they'd at least be able to detect it."
Lenyx says, "Or something like that..."

Astracon says, "When sneaking up on someone every sense is used to detect that, smell, hearing, sight, everything."

Lenyx says, "So then some races would be put at advantages."

Astracon nods.

Tyrsonae says, "actually it would be perception, someone who has trained themselve to be observant can see a shift in a shadow that someone is hiding in, etc"

Llanos exclaims, "i taste someone sneakin up on meh!"

Seth says, "good subject fer a forum thread..."

Jamendithas says, "I was thinkin the same thing"

Astracon says, "We all know the stealth system in general needs a massive overhaul, and it will happen rest assure."

Lenyx nods at Astracon.
Lenyx says, "Also..."
Lenyx asks, "What if someone was able to use a ranged weapon on something from a room away?"

Lenyx says, "It WOULD be a ranged weapon, after all."

Lenyx says, "For the person being targeted, they'd receive a message saying something was shot at them, coming from the west."

Astracon says, "there are to many factors.."

Llanos says, "like a longshot or something, maybe for rangers and thiefs only...."

Lenyx says, "Just so they wouldn't be clueless."

Marziale says, "Could be way abused.."

Lenyx says, "And killing people at STS isn't."

Astracon says, "While it is only a milisecond walk for you in the real world, it could be a 10 minute walk for your character in the game."

Astracon says, "We could put roundtime with each directional move to make it seem more realistic but I don't think anyone wants that."

Astracon says, "So the distance would be to great for a shot from another room."

Lenyx says, "True..."
Lenyx nods.

Lenyx asks, "Also. Will there be any more mystical items of awesomeness, like the ethereal daggers, or flaming falchions?"

Astracon says, "Infact it would be reasonable to say that some shots could be to far away in the same room, but we arent' goign to start getting into measurements for rooms, that is a can or worms I do not want to deal with."

Astracon says, "You never know.."

Astracon winks at Lenyx.

Astracon says, "I'm sure something will turn up at some point.."

Lenyx says, "I was just saying, because I don't really know of too many of weapons like that. And I just thought it would be more fair if there were weapon classes for everything, so to say..."

Astracon says, "Well...."

Lenyx says, "I use punching daggers for example. If I've never touched a dagger weapon, then someone who has would have an advantage over me, if we were to duel with ethereal daggers."

Astracon says, "I like rare items, I think that its a honor to have those items, it shows a "status" kind of of how long you have been here, so I think new items kind of like but completely different should be brought out, not old ones."

Lenyx asks, "With different effects and stuff, then?"

Astracon nods at Lenyx.

Astracon says, "When we do fests, and RP events, we bring out new items, or try to."

Exxy exclaims, "Good to see all of you who showed and who couldn't make it, my best to you as well. I need to disappear for now though, unfortunately. See you all at the next one!"

Lenyx asks, "Tell me...Are there any instruments, in this game?"

Zeysoli exclaims, "Not yet!"

Astracon grins at Zeysoli.

Zeysoli says, "But, we have a mostly finished instrument system."

Lenyx says, "...But...Bards..."
Lenyx stares blankly.

Zeysoli says, "It just needs some tweaking on my part, then some coding on Astracon's part."

Marziale says, "Usually instruments are a TON of coding I here..and lines of emotes.."
Marziale says, "Erm hear."

Zeysoli nods at Marziale.

Llanos says, "i want a set of war drums"

Lenyx says, "Hm...Alright, then."

Zeysoli says, "It took me and many, many other people /months/ to get this far."

Marziale says, "I understand fully."

Zeysoli says, "But, once it's out? It'll be the coolest thing since sliced bread."

Lenyx asks, "How about certain poisons that can put people to sleep?"

Llanos says, "like the sleeper boxes but something you can throw at something/someone"

Lenyx says, "Granted it would have to be toned down alot..."

Lenyx says, "Otherwise anyone can jab someone, put 'em to sleep, drag 'em off somewhere, and that'd be that."

Astracon says, "That might be part of the thiefs class abilities, I'm not sure yet, and I won't say yes or no, but when they get overhauled I will keep that in mind."

Astracon says, "But.. I'm taking the sleeping one away from you if it does come out.. "

Lenyx says, "Hm. Something Marz said once to me, then..."

Astracon asks, "Anything else Lenyx?"

Lenyx says, "In one of her games, she was able to fight someone, and aim specifically at the person's body part. Their right arm, left leg, etc."

Astracon says, "New combat system."

Lenyx says, "I was wondering if that sort of thing could be established, so one would have a chance of literally disarming someone."

Astracon grins.

Lenyx says, "Another suggestion is pretty much the same thing, only for basic emotes..."

Lenyx says, "Like, if marz were to type something like "jab lenyx head", she'd actually be able to aim for certain parts."

Astracon nods at Lenyx.

Llanos exclaims, "she would too!"

Astracon says, "Again that would be part of the new combat system."

Lenyx says, "That way we don't receive the same ol "You've been jabbed!" sort of thing, so we know how to react better."

Dracye says, "I could see that happening"

Lenyx says, "Nah, she'd be more likely to kick me."
Lenyx fidgets nervously.

Astracon says, "I personaly want to see "targeted" magic as well."

Dartain says, "yes"

Marziale asks, "His turn over yet?"
Marziale folds her arms across her chest.

Astracon says, "I'm going to push for these things, because realistic is always better, to a point."

Lenyx says, "Like a Lawa Wrath blasting someone's arm off."
Lenyx grins.

Dartain says, "no point in combat castin if no accracy"

Lenyx exclaims, "Hm. That's about it for me, then!"

Astracon asks, "Anything else?"

Lenyx says, "Nope. That's it, for now."
Marziale asks, "Lawa..really?"

Astracon says, "That is halfway through the list"
Astracon says, "and only 2 hours into it.."
Astracon says, "So lets take a break"
Astracon says, "So, lets come back in 10 minutes."
Astracon says, "The lounge is west of here, feel free to enjoy the goodies."

Lenyx asks, "Do we have to leave, or could we lurk around a bit more?"

Astracon says, "You can do what ever you want."

Lenyx asks, "Included in the new combat system...Would our characters automatically react to certain actions, dealt by other players?"

Kianna says, "No, you would have to react on your own."

Lenyx asks, "Then perhaps could we be given more ways of reacting...?"

Kianna says, "That would pretty much be the same thing as afk scripting since you could walk away from your computer, and still gain exp from "reacting"."

Zeysoli says, "I'm not sure what you mean by 'reacting', Lenyx."

Zeysoli asks, "Can I have an example?"
Lenyx says, "Like, if someone's clouted on the back of your head, your character would automatically twittch."

Zeysoli says, "No."

Lenyx says, "Not like, stun them, or anything major, just something simple."

Lenyx says, "A game I played had something similiar to that...But okay."

Zeysoli says, "When we do that, we start taking away the choices that make RPing a character so much fun."

Zeysoli says, "It's why we try to keep away from forcing actions upon people, as much as possible."

Lenyx says, "An example directly from the game would be that if you were to type "Massage ___ foot", the person would automatically react with a sigh of happiness, or something like that."

Zeysoli says, "Or making them "feel" things emotionally."

Zeysoli says, "Well, that's fine -- until you hit someone who hates having her feet touched."

Zeysoli says, "Then she's sighing in happiness, when she doesn't want to do so."

Twingia says, "would be like forcin people to feel things they may not wanna feel"

Lenyx asks, "Speaking of, will more actions like that, be added to our interaction arsenal?"

Zeysoli asks, "More verbs?"

Kerowyn says, "Yes"

Zeysoli asks, "Kerowyn, want to handle that?"

Zeysoli grins at Kerowyn.

Kianna says, "We are constantly working on new verbs."

Kerowyn exclaims, "Crusade!"

Kerowyn say, "I have a lot up my sleeve since I've returned."

Zeysoli chuckles.
Zeysoli says, "ACT is an amazing, wonderful verb. The best ever."

Lenyx asks, "Are there any off the top of your head?"

You say, "If you have any suggestions for new emotes, please use IDEA or SUGGESTION, por post on the forums"

Lenyx says, "I really don't like the act commant..."

Marziale says, "I dont like that it comes off yellow.."

Kerowyn exclaims, "Now that would be telling!"

Lenyx says, "It makes it seem...Fake."

Marziale says, "Or I'd use it more."

Zeysoli says, "Me either.."
Zeysoli says, "Yes."
Zeysoli says, "Maybe we'll discuss that later in one of our staff meetings and see if we can come up with an alternative."

>>Lenyx says, "I don't use the Wizard for Eaxia...I use Eaxia Connect, and when someone acts, there are always two asteriks in front of it."

Kianna says, "It is yellowed because we want it to be different from our current verbs, there is a reason behind it."

Kerowyn says, "We're not only going to be working on new verbs, but also sprucing up old ones."

Lenyx says, "I don't like using the act command, because if the person were to do something to put them in a different position, if someone were to walk it, it wouldn't be, well, the same."

Twingia says, "I like act alot"

Kerowyn says, "Like allowing more verbs to be used while hiding, and such."

Marziale says, "But as he said it looks too fake and too obvious.."

Lenyx says, "Marz said a game she plays has it blend in, just like everything else."

Shadius' mood charm glimmers with light, reminding him that he has made someone happy.

Twingia says, "I dun the goal is to make this game like others"

Marziale says, "Exactly"

Seth says, "the act command comes with responcibility... its an RPing tool... and thus allows us freedoms that are to be considered when usin it... IMHO"

Shadius says, "for once I agree with Seth"

Lenyx asks, "By chance...Are there any penalties for abusing the ACT command?"

Seth says, "yep."
Seth chuckles.
Marziale says, "Of course.."

Lenyx glances at Marziale.
Marziale says, "Or..there should be"

Seth says, "but some of us like punishments..."

Lyric says, "beside the word Wizard Kerowyn will have exciting new and delicous verbs"

Lenyx says, "Speaking of, there should be a jail."

Zeysoli says, "Part of the Justice System."

Seth says, "there's a jail in the crystal caverns... "

Lenyx says, "There should be a jail in every city..."

Zeysoli says, "There's only one jail currently. And..."

Zeysoli says, "Well, there's only one way in."

Astracon says, "The justice system will cover a lot of things I won't spoil it, but I think everyone will be enteratined by what I have planned."

Kerowyn says, "In V'Rung, they're liable to just kill ye."

Donnie asks, "Besides whats the fun of being dragged off to jail unless everyone has a chance to throw something at you on the trip there?"

Twingia says, "Sounds fun Astracon"

Lenyx asks, "So then, for looting, a thief wouldn't only fear being thrown out?"

Marziale says, "Stocks."

Astracon says, "No, infact if you want cooler stuff to loot, we have to have a better punishment."

Lenyx asks, "Which is another thing I'd like to address. If a thief is looting something, and caught, shouldn't they lose whatever they had stolen...?"

Seth says, "the goblin dung comment comes to mind..."

Donnie says, "In V'Rung they're liable to eat you after they kill you for that matter."

Lenyx says, "I just don't think it's very realistic for a thief to be caught, and to be thrown out, without losing what they had stolen."

[ANNOUNCEMENT-GD Astracon] Please return to the meeting room we are about to start back up.

Astracon asks, "Would it make everyone feel better about the act command if say looked like this blah blah blah blah blah?"

Marziale says, "Oh, pink.."

Jamendithas says, "Its too.. purple.. I like the blah blah blah part though"

Seth says, "yellows better... its like cheddar."
Seth says, "aka... cheesey"

Astracon says, "This better?"
Jamendithas says, "I like that"
Llanos exclaims, "blood red!"

Zeysoli says, "I think the point was that color was bad."

Seth says, "red is wizard color coded for critters"

Zeysoli says, "What about parenthesis? (Zeysoli grins.)"
Marziale says, "I'd rather that than color"

Twingia says, "or astrisks"
Marziale says, "Color is too stand out ish"

Astracon says, "Like this you mean?"

Twingia exclaims, "I like it!"

Zeysoli has a seizure.
Astracon snickers.

Seth says, "some frontends allow for ascii text color coding an such... more a front end thing... then a gaming enviroment thing"
Akri follows Zeysoli's example.

Zeysoli exclaims, "NPCs are in red!"
Zeysoli grins at Lenyx.

Lenyx says, "And cyan, when whisper..."
Marziale says, "NPC critters red..other npcs are yellow"
Astracon says, "I like Parenthesis, that might could happen."
Zeysoli says, "You're welcome."
Tyrsonae says, "no GMs and GDs are in red"
Zeysoli clears her throat.
Marziale says, "Not on myyyyy screeeen"
Tyrsonae says, "trust me, I made it so"
Jamendithas cackles.

Astracon says, "Accutaly.. if you are using the wizard it is based on what you have different coded things set for on your highlights."

Lenyx asks, "What if we -aren't- using the wizard...?"
Llanos says, "i got a ton of things highlighted"

Astracon says, "Then I have no clue how it works."
Astracon grins.

Lenyx says, "What if we were able to use italics, when speaking, to emphasize things."
Marziale says, "Yeah right..you can change fonts on Wizard too I dont see how that works.."

Twingia asks, "is that even realistic?"
Marziale says, "Use -this- or uhm THIS.."
Seth says, "I like usin swords to emphasize"
Lenyx says, "Bah..."
Llanos chuckles.

Lenyx says, "And it's realistic to me. It changes the tone on the word, or makes it stand out, more."

Astracon says, "Umm.. I guess it could be done.. but don't look for it to soon, that would have to be "hard coded" and we would rather finish up the combat system (also hard coded) before we change little things."

Astracon says, "Ok, I think everyone is back so lets get started."

Astracon says, "llanos"

Astracon says, "You have the floor."
Dartain hugs Twingia.
Twingia says, "gnight dart"

Llanos says, "almost everything i wanted to see in the future has already been suggested."
Llanos says, "but i have a couple low priority things."

Llanos says, "first of all i would like to see more trade skills, give us something else to do "

Astracon nods.

Llanos says, "i liked mining but once we mine we cant do anything with the ores, so maybe work them into armor and weapon smithing."

Astracon says, "We accutaly have something planned to come out for the trade system, fairly soon."

Astracon says, "I'll look into the ores though, but it would probably have to wait for the new combat system, since it would just have to be redone anyway when the new armor and everything comes out."

Llanos says, "i am kinda a fan of castles, and i think it would be great to have a card system where players can build thier own decks"

Marziale says, "Like finding cards..yes.."

Lenyx asks, "Oh. Could I please ask something else?"

Astracon asks, "Hrm.. how about a casino instead?"
Astracon ducks.

Akri says, "eeew"

Jamendithas says, "I like that idea"

Akri shakes her fist at Astracon!
Jamendithas praises Astracon.

Twingia says, "or a tournament of castles"

Llanos says, "i dont know i really really dig castles"
Lenyx says, "That does sound neat..."
Seth says, "how bout bein able to cheat at castles..."
Tyrsonae says, "casinos can be fun"
Llanos laughs.
Lenyx exclaims, "Question!"

Akri exclaims, "No, Denied, you fail!"
Twingia asks, "dun you do that already Seth?"

Llanos says, "thats about all i can think of for suggestions that have not already been said"

Lenyx asks, "On the internet, I have played a game that is...Pretty much totally identical to this game's Castles. I was wondering, did you get the idea from that game, or did you make it, yourself?"

Astracon says, "We could do more RP events involving castles, but castles is accutaly a HUGE system, and making a even bigger system that you can build your own deck at, well that just isn't in the near future we have to many other critical things right now, and will for a while at some point when we no longer have to worry about getting things we already started finished that might be a good idea."

Zeysoli says, "I think the idea from castles is based off of another game, yes."
Shadius' mood charm glimmers with light, reminding him that he has made someone happy.

Llanos asks, "but i have one thing i would like to be changed. i noticed when i fighting a goblin. that one of the veins saw me trying to hide?"

Astracon says, "Exxy accutaly came up with and wrote castles, I have no clue where he got the idea, and no you can not cheat at castles."

Zeysoli says, "That's a known bug"

Shadius says, "The are tons of non-GM run castle events run all the time, just listen for them"

Lenyx says, "http://www.freewebarcade.com/game/castlewars/"

Twingia says, "you have yet to pay with Seth then"

Lenyx says, "That's the game, if anyone's curious."

Zeysoli says, "You see, the resource (ores and stuff) system was based off of NPCs. NPCs like goblins, ogres, ect. There's a few bugs."
Zeysoli chuckles.
Zeysoli says, "But, it's being worked on."

Llanos nods.
Llanos says, "thats about it for me"

Astracon says, "It is impossible for "PLAYERS" to cheat at castles, and most of the staff wouldn't know how, and to be honest those of us that do and could, wouldn't because its to much of a pain, it would take longer than to just keep playing and get better."

Lyric says, "right now one bug is that a Druid can make veins of ore choke if they cast pollen ...is a bug"

Astracon says, "It has a good bit of skill involved."

Lenyx says, "Skill/luck-based game."
Seth says, "a lot of skill."

Astracon says, "Your cards are luck, and of course they play a big part, but skill is always involved."

Kianna says, "It all depends on how you play them."

Marziale says, "Which to use which to hold..Any card game is luck of the draw.."
Llanos says, "like i said the deck thing is low priority"
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Postby Leyara » Aug 13, 2007 (11:31 pm)

Lyric says, "there is the game of hounds and jackels like dice games"

Astracon says, "If you don't beleive me play Exxy, I swear he doesn't cheat I know this for a fact.. (I accused him of it) he is just good.."
Llanos says, "but i think it would be fun"

Lenyx says, "What if there were just more games added? It seems sorta odd that there's a huge tent for just one game..."

Astracon nods at Lenyx.
Astracon says, "I have plans for more games as well."

Twingia says, "well there is a dancin room there as well Len"

Astracon says, "I personaly like betting games.. so you will see more of those from me than others, but I will come out with both."

Lenyx asks, "There is?"
Lenyx glances at Twingia.
Twingia nods at Lenyx.

Astracon says, "This is the guy that brought you the "betting wheel" after all."

Lenyx asks, "So then there will be games where you can actually lose/win gold?"

Seth says, "oh ... the bettin wheel is broke"

Shadius says, "If I may, something as simple as a coin that comes up either heads or tails randomly would be easy and work nice"

Astracon says, "Of course.. my favorite."

Llanos asks, "do ranks in playing castles have to do with anything? or just showing how much you have played?"

Zeysoli says, "... They get you titles, for one."

Twingia says, "I like my title from playin castles."
Shadius says, "no you don't get better cards because of it"

Lenyx says, "Hey, what if there were a coin-flip verb? Just for randomly deciding something."

Kerowyn says, "Or dice.."

Seth says, "gnome toss."

Dracye says, "That would be funny."

Lyric says, "hey careful on the gnomes and wee people"

Lenyx asks, "Will there ever be any official sports, in game? Or would that be too difficult?"

Tyrsonae asks, "sports? like gnome tossing?"

Lenyx says, "Yeah, something like that."

Seth says, "swampwater quaffing."

Astracon shrugs.

Astracon says, "You will have to see what is coming out."
Astracon winks.

Lenyx says, "Bleh..."

Astracon asks, "Llanos do you have anything else?"

Llanos says, "nope"

Marziale squints.
Marziale clears her throat.
Marziale says, "M'kay then.."

Marziale says, "This may be a lot at one time..soo..all the same subject."

Marziale says, "To be honest I'd like to see more events myself..Not just invasions and not just staff events..I have seen some pretty neat player run events with slight to no staff help from other places."

Marziale says, "It's just all people want to do is hunt and wont make time. Granted I myself havent put effort into checking out all the buildings and such to see if a party or ball can be held but I've been thinking up a few things of the like..Even scavanger hunts and what not. "

Marziale asks, "The top complaint I have is what Llanos said, that theres a lack of things to do..You can only play castles and carve up the forest but so much. Either way, I have a few ideas that still need a bit of work I guess (For balls and group games and or such) if no one else does..Where would be the proper place to foward such? Forums..e-mails? That idea thingy?"

Zeysoli says, "For event-related stuff, you can post on the forums. If it's something you think needs staff attention, try feedback. Or you can e-mail me directly at GM-Zeysoli@XXXXX.XXX."

Lyric says, "remember All Hallows Eve is coming and Yule dont give up hope"

Akri says, "That's like.... two months away..."

Marziale says, "Oh I know but I'd like to see more PLAYER base working on stuff too..it shouldnt be fair to rely on STAFF for fun"

Zeysoli grins at Marziale.

Shadius says, "Marziale, for non-staff events, I would be willing to help with ideas, planning and implementing events"

Akri exclaims, "Me too!"
Akri wiggles.
Marziale says, "Fantabulous."
Marziale grins.
Twingia smiles.

Lenyx says, "If I could add on to something Marz said...Shouldn't there be a resriction on the amount of branches that can be carved? Like if too many are carved at once, they wouldn't be able to collect anymore, and have to wait a while for them to regrow. Not anything too lengthy, but just enough so that it seems sorta realistic."

Zeysoli says, "I agree. I know that for a while, there were some regular events being held. Bard Nights, or somesuch."
Twingia says, "more than willin to join in as well"

Seth says, "bard nights... great place to pickpocket thems was."

Shadius says, "Bard nights, were never regular events, but we did have them from time to time, and they were enjoyable"

Marziale says, "Story night..Have people think.."

Zeysoli says, "Well, regular as events go."
Zeysoli chuckles.

Marziale says, "Also.."

Llanos says, "story night would be cool"
Twingia nods.
Twingia says, "great ideas Marz"

Marziale says, "Infamy..How is it rated and how does it go up andthe factors needed..ect..Because I'm not too sure.."

Zeysoli says, "It has to do with your skills, alignment, and other factors."

Lyric says, "even perhaps name the newest undead and describe it contest"

Lenyx says, "I was wondering, that, too...Like what being for or against the laws of man and nature even mean, really..."

Marziale says, "While I can speak..My aim is MarzialeUL for anyone interested or ideas and all that good stuff or somethin."

Marziale says, "Well my infamy went up and I'm not sure how it did that was all sincew it hasnt moved since then"
Marziale's mood charm glimmers with light, reminding her that she has made someone scared.
Zeysoli says, "Also... the forums is a reaaaaally good idea to discuss all this."

Lenyx asks, "Maybe from killing all the guards?"

Zeysoli says, ".. Place. Really good /place/."

Marziale says, "Well I dont wanna give away too much..Like I have a hunt and find idea..wouldnt be fun for EVERYONE to know.."

Zeysoli chuckles.

Zeysoli says, "Well.. guys..."
Llanos says, "we are kinda going in the wrong direction"

Lenyx asks, "Oh! Oh! Will guards actually be useful, after the combat upgrade?"

Zeysoli says, "I don't think here is the right place or time to be discussing Marziale's screennames."
Marziale exclaims, "Either way thats myidea I'm done!"

Zeysoli says, "Yes."
Zeysoli nods at Lenyx.

Zeysoli says, "Particularly after Justice is completed, too."

Marziale exclaims, "Next!"

Lenyx nods at Zeysoli.
Zeysoli says, "You've never seen the Elites, either."
Zeysoli winks at Lenyx.

Lenyx asks, "So then they won't idly stand by as I rob Jammers of all of his gold and gems?"

Zeysoli says, "No indeed."

Lenyx asks, "...Elites...?"

Jamendithas says, "What he said"
Lenyx fidgets nervously.

Shadius says, "Semanri Elite Guards, I've seen them working during invasions, they are tough"

Zeysoli grins.

Lenyx asks, "I haven't seen 'em...Do they actually fight monsters?"
Twingia says, "sounds like a challenge"

Zeysoli says, "Oh yeah."

Shadius nods at Lenyx.
Lenyx says, "Hmm..."

Astracon chortles quietly.
Astracon rubs his nose.

Seth says, "alignment and infamy were the subjects of my inquisition... "
Seth says, "but you have touched on that."
Seth says, "I'm sure justice system will play in with that."

Zeysoli nods at Seth.

Lenyx asks, "Any specifics?"
Lenyx glances at Seth.

Zeysoli says, "Infamy is supposed to remain a bit mysterious, I believe."
Seth nods.

Zeysoli says, "But that'll tie in later with NPCs."
Zeysoli says, "And what you can get them to do, how they'll react to you... all kinds of neat stuff."

Llanos says, "oh"
Marziale says, "Oh! Stuff you can write on.."
Marziale asks, "That at all going to be around?"

Lenyx nods at Marziale.

Llanos asks, "will pets ever be able to fight with us?"

Zeysoli nods at Marziale.
Zeysoli says, "Writing is a system that I'd love to have around."

Lenyx says, "To like leave notes and stuff."

Zeysoli says, "However, right now all we have in that department are books."

Seth says, "is there plans to janitor up commands list... like those that are unimplimented... aka try ENCHANT with no suffix"

Astracon says, "I as well."

Seth says, "I spent 6 days trying to enact ENCHANT"
Seth says, "to find out its not possible"

Lenyx asks, "Also, I read in the forums that Innuendo would be available, for thieves to communicate with each other. Will this be implimented in the future?"

Astracon says, "That is a feature we have that most other games do not. It almost takes the fun out of a system by giving you a step by step guide, normaly have they get older we put them in."

Marziale says, "Theres a thingy like that.."
Twingia says, "I think we have that already Len..."

Astracon says, "Part of the thief overhaul, but that isn't completely decided yet."

Lenyx asks, "We do..?"
Lenyx glances at Twingia.

Lenyx says, "Noone told me how to do it."

Marziale says, "Yes."
Marziale says, "Figure it out"
Marziale sticks out her tongue.

Seth says, "Well, maybe I can find a nice flower to plant."

Astracon says, "Or should I say.. updating it.. is part of the overhaul.."

Zeysoli chuckles.

Lenyx says, "Perhaps there should be an in-game list, that actually tells you what all the verbs do..."

Seth says, "help commands"
Seth nods at Lenyx.

Lenyx says, "That's just what they are."

Lenyx says, "Not what they do."

Shadius says, "There is an in came list that tells all the verbs"

Llanos says, "oh i got one, maybe being able to think to a certain player using the thinkers"

Lenyx says, "Now that would be neat..."

Zeysoli says, "I think we're going to be looking at different methods of IC player communication."
Zeysoli says, "... at least, if I can help it."
Zeysoli grins.

Zeysoli says, "I'd like IC mail or messengers, so that you can send offline messages to people. But, keep in mind, this is just me brainstorming and not something likely to be out in the foreseeable future."
Zeysoli says, "Oh.
Llanos says, "our pets"
Zeysoli says, "Combat."
Zeysoli grins at Llanos.
Lenyx says, "Pet tournaments..."
Zeysoli says, "Maybe."
Shadius says, "the guards would come after you for that"

Seth says, "anything you could speak on in regards to the almighty "cover" "
Seth smiles darkly.
Seth stands up.

Seth says, "the mighty secret of trolls.. and ogres"
Seth says, "and paladins"
Seth says, "whereby an attack is completely negated"
Seth says, "since this is an ooc meeting.. "
Seth says, "trolls for instance recieve a rating of 10"
Seth says, "15 if they choose to become a black knight"
Seth says, "a great boon..."

Llanos says, "to complex for my tiny minotaur brain"

Lenyx says, "Seth. What are you talking about."

Seth says, "is its exsistance bein considered in the scheme of things new combat system related"

Seth says, "and considered for other races... when speaking of racial equality"

Seth says, "Ogres recieve but a mark of 1 in cover."
Seth says, "Minotaurs... none."
Zeysoli says, "Seth, I'm not following you."

Lenyx says, "Me neither."
Lenyx asks, "What the heck are you talking about, man?"
Shadius says, "I've never heard of 'cover'"
Lenyx says, "Me neither."

Lenyx says, "And when I try typing something like "cover twingia", nothing happens. It doesn't even understand. Doesn't say that I can't do it."

Astracon says, "I am afraid I'm not following either.."

Seth says, "its quite real.. its a automatic ability"
Seth says, "in the gemstone four wizard you can even see it"

Astracon says, "Seth, I don't think anyone is following you, get with me later, and we will talk about that."
Seth says, "in the ticker."

Zeysoli says, "Oh. That's not coded in our system, Seth."

Seth says, "it works"

Zeysoli says, "I'll have to test that."
Zeysoli exclaims, "OH!"
Zeysoli says, "That."
Zeysoli says, "Yes."
Zeysoli says, "The bless thingy."

Lenyx asks, "Also...Should food revitalize the player a little? Or restore their health slightly?"

Astracon says, "Yes, the new combat system will use these different little things as factors."

Astracon says, "In the new combat system almost everything will be a factor."

Seth says, "thank you for your time ... its most appriciated... "
Astracon says, "Thank you."
Astracon bows to Seth.

Astracon says, "Shadius, you have the floor."

Shadius says, "thank you Astracon"

Shadius says, "I'm excited about all I hear with the new combat system"

Shadius says, "I would like to see player-made weapons be on par or better then store bought ones"

Astracon says, "I'm going to personaly go through the trade skills, and update and completely overhaul them but I don't want to make major changes twice.."

Seth says, "wait till they fix coordnation in regards to crafting... that'll be grand."

Lenyx asks, "Question. Is there anywhere to sell items?"

Astracon says, "I would love to get this stuff to you tomorrow afternoon, but I can't, and if I did, I'd have to redo it down the line when combat comes out, and that is a big waste of resources for us, we have two coders at the moment."

Lenyx says, "To NPCs."
Lenyx coughs.
Llanos asks, "pawn shop?"

Lenyx asks, "You can sell everything at the pawn shop?"

Astracon says, "We will redo a lot of systems, but we simpley can not waste our time by doing them twice."

Astracon says, "We can come out with different things that won't be effected by the combat system."

Astracon says, "Which we will be working on."

Astracon asks, "Anything else?"

Astracon smiles.
Shadius says, "Not at the moment"

Astracon says, "Ok, twingia"
Astracon says, "You have the floor."

Twingia says, "Okies, alot of my questions were already asked and answered but I do have at least one"

Twingia asks, "about the shops we currently have in the lands, is it possible to get more shops.. for like fluff type stuff, like clothing and types of backpacks and sheaths and hats and such?"
Twingia winks at Seth.

Astracon nods.

Astracon says, "Shops are a big part of what we work on every day, infact several are in development right now."
Astracon smiles.

Lenyx asks, "Like affecting speed and such?"

Twingia says, "I'm tellin ya back when I was tryin to get an outfit ta gether it was hard to gather what I wanted or even close to what I wanted, I had to get lucky that someone found something I wanted"

Lenyx asks, "What if players were able to paint their nails, too...?"

Astracon nods.
Twingia says, "alot of the clothin in the shops is pretty generic"

Astracon says, "We try to open up new shops as often as we can, they do take a while to put out though."

Lyric says, "Twingie lots of new shops ...lots of new places to send your gold"

Twingia says, "even maybe havin travelin merchants come through and offer special merchandise"
Astracon nods.

Donnie says, "Actually nail polish has been sold before"
Zeysoli says, "At the Gypsy festival."
Zeysoli says, "Before that, I think, too."
Zeysoli says, "But I can't remember for the life of me where."
Lyric says, "and face glitter"
Zeysoli says, "And other various cosmetics."

Lenyx says, "Why not resell stuff like that, then? It'd be an everyday sort of item."

Astracon says, "Being short handed has kept us from doing that as much as we would like, but we are trying to start doing that some again, but I don't know when we will be able to."

Lenyx says, "Like a comb or something."
Lenyx gets a silver comb from inside his cloak.
Lenyx runs his silver comb through his hair.

Twingia says, "just an idea, I know the combat thing is major important just wanted to throw that out there"

Astracon nods at Twingia.

Astracon says, "And good ideas they were."
Astracon asks, "Anything else Twingia?"

Lenyx says, "If not, I got some more."

Twingia says, "Ooh and another minor "
Twingia says, "hair styling, some time in the future would be neat to get hair styled"

Zeysoli says, "For sure."
Astracon nods at Twingia.

Astracon says, "We might can do something about that if you just wish to spend your gold getting your hair done."
Astracon grins.

Twingia says, "well of course"

Astracon asks, "Anything else Twingia?"

Twingia says, "well not like I have actual hair to mess with.....but yes thats all."

Astracon says, "Well, everyone else has left us for the night, and it is VERY late.."

Astracon says, "I think half of my staff here passed out about an hour ago."

Zeysoli snickers.
Zeysoli says, "I'm still here."
Lyric says, "I am awake but starving"
Kianna says, "Or is about to pass out.."
Zeysoli says, "Though, I think I'm about to leave. Sorry, but I do have to work tonight."

Astracon says, "So, keep thinking up your ideas, and we will see you all on the 26th, and we will go from z to a next time."
Astracon grins.

Zeysoli says, "If anyone has presence-related questions, feel free to post on the forums or e-mail me personally at GM-Zeysoli@XXXXX.XXX."

Kerowyn says, "OH and I'm starting a verb thread on the forums, for all those elusive commands you just can't live without."
Lenyx asks, "Yay! When?"
Zeysoli says, "Thanks for being here, everyone, and have a good night."

Kerowyn says, "In about.... 5 minutes"

Lenyx grabs you and gives you a huge squeeze and playful snuzzle.
Lenyx exclaims, "Yay!"

Kerowyn says, "No promises that they'll be implemented, but they'll be considered."

Lenyx asks, "We'll be able to make suggestions, there, right?"
Kerowyn says, "Yes, that's the point."
Lenyx nods.

[ANNOUNCEMENT - GD Astracon] Thank everyone for attending the meeting tonight you all had wonderful idea, and we thank you for taking time to join us and share those ideas. Have a wonderful rest of your night and join us again in two weeks.
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