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Hiding and sneaking!

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Hiding and sneaking!

Postby ROB19700 » Jun 30, 2007 (11:28 pm)

Some problems.

1) When you hide successfully on a creature that is engaged or advancing on you, it will continue to hit you for damage after your hidden from it.

2)Can't retreat from a creature while hidden.

3)Can't sneak though tunnels,holes,trails, etc . Have to come out of hidden to go though them.

4)Not enough emotes can be done from hiding.

5)When hidden and talking it shouldn't show my name.

6)Pets be able to find hidden people, kind of takes away from being hidden.

Just to name a few, I have look though old posts and these are still the same problems from years ago. Just wondering if ever things are going to be looked into. Maybe its all in new combat coming, if any ideals on when that will be.

PLEASE Don't post stupid and useless complaints! Thankz
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Postby ellisj » Jul 1, 2007 (1:39 am)

1) ok this one suck
2) maybe your trying to hard to stay hidden so can't pay attention to gettin away?
3) maybe theres nowhere to hide in these tunnels,holes, or on that particular trail?
4) like what do you expect to be able to do while hiding?
5) personal i say talking while your hiding SHOULD bring you out of hiding because people would be able to locate you by the sound of your voice...
6) maybe the pets can smell you out?? you know animals can sniff good. and it's not like hiding covers your scent.

PLEASE Don't post stupid and useless complaints! Thankz

your post was a stupid and useless complaint!! your worryin about crap with hiding when we been waitin for combat for like 3+ years
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Jul 2, 2007 (7:53 am)

Yes combat is more important I agree but some good points to work on later on.

The point about pets smelling you out is quite valid though, and pets aren't always successful are they, I know my tiger can tell you in the room but not see you. If you have some specific ideas on sneaking emotes the suggestion box in game is there for the gm's you know. I think the verb is SUGGEST - been a while since I last used it though since not playing lately. :oops:
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Postby GMZEYSOLI » Jul 2, 2007 (7:51 pm)

I have removed the last two posts. The forums are meant to be a place for an exchange of ideas -- not for bickering and rehashing the same problems over and over again. I have no problem with discourse. I even appreciate it; as the dissection of the thoughts and words of others is likely to lead to a healthy conclusion. What I do have a problem with, however, is vulgar language and insulting one another. I will not tolerate it. Those of you who behaved so disappointingly -- you know who you are -- can consider yourself warned. We are a community here and we all are capable of treating one another with respect.

I'm also going to close this thread. Instead of looking at the problems, perhaps we should be inspecting the solutions and what we would like to happen instead. Feel free to begin a new thread. Approaching it from a more positive direction may lead to better results.

Also, please note that there is nothing wrong with discussing things other than combat. Yes, combat is our main coding priority right now. No, we will not be starting other coding projects until combat is done. However, there's no reason we cannot explore other ideas in the meantime.
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