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Room description

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Room description

Postby ROB19700 » Dec 23, 2006 (8:00 am)

[D'Mare Fin, Lost Caves]
Veins of silver ore are visible in the granite walls, branching and twisting to create intriguing and intricate designs. A persistent *drip*, *drip* echoes softly through the area.

But with the new mining, the room can have Gold,cinnabar,lusterlite, and slate.
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Dec 24, 2006 (10:04 pm)

From an trip learning how to silver mine in South America:

We saw the how they would take the ore and refine and separate the minerals so to get to the real silver. Later we saw how silver in the mountain runs in veins along the sides of the walls.

At the smelter the rock taken from the mines needs to be weighed and analyzed for quantities of silver, tin, zinc and lead.

Of course thats how its found in one area of our real world. As you can see multiple metals can be found together. Who's to say how the world of Eaxia is laid out, especially since magic is a part we have as well.

Good catch though - I've seen silver veins in Trolls but haven't done a ton of mining. I assume metal levels are based on monster levels where they are found to some extent. Maybe that silver is really gold, hard to tell in that poor light in the pit. :wink:
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Postby GDEXXY » Dec 26, 2006 (11:54 am)

Thank you for pointing this out.

The veins you find running along the walls there aren't harvestable, as they're part of the formation of that room and area. Digging through it would cause a collapse, I'm sure. There are other examples throughout the game where there's reference to ore, minerals, etc. that aren't harvestable (and I'm sure there's mention of trees where you can't FORAGE their branches).

Try not to take the natural formation of the area as a definitive example of what's available there. As you no doubt know, a harvestable node will appear in the NPC/creature line of the room's LOOK overview and will be highlighted (if the appropriate SETtings are turned on and you are using The Wizard).
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