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Role-Playing Behavior

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Role-Playing Behavior

Postby GMZEYSOLI » Jul 8, 2006 (10:27 pm)

Role-playing events, especially those run by GameMasters, are intended to be enjoyable and fun. I love running events and I love role-playing with you all, it's been a pleasure.

With that in mind, I would like to address several things. The most recent plot has been by far one of our most controversial, which is not necessarily bad. As a result, a recurring problem appears to be that some players have misinterpretted the intentions and boundaries of this event. Since this plot began, I have recieved more complaints about conduct than ever before. This is unacceptable. Both new players and old players alike have been put off by the new atmosphere of the lands; which is tense and unfriendly.

The intention of this plot was not to cause fights and arguments and most certainly not to cause hurt feelings. It was not permission for players to indulge in PvP or for them to harrass others. It was not meant to cause slander, insults, and mass dissention amongst our community.

Participation in any plot is not manditory and should not be forced on anyone. If someone says no, they mean no, and it needs to be left at that. These are concepts and rules that have existed for as long as Eaxia has. Just because an event comes up does not mean they are suddenly void.

I'm not here to play role-playing police. I'm not going to point fingers or lay blame anywhere. I just want people to consider the consequences of their actions and perhaps adjust their behavior slightly in order to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome in these lands.

Thank you.
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Postby ALLRIGHT » Jul 9, 2006 (5:02 am)

well i hope it isnt my little rebellion that is causing all the problems because if it is ill back off it till people can rp and not take things outa control
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Postby SAMARA » Jul 9, 2006 (5:22 am)

You would think so wouldn't you? Hasn't seemed that way to me though. I recently made a new character, and it wasn't the rebellion that bum rushed me, as one might expect. It was the good guys. I was warned about joining the guild I wanted, strongly warned actually, and for lack of a better description, it left me feeling icky about Eaxia.

It makes me wonder. If someone who actually KNOWS what's going on in game can be made to feel put out and unwelcomed, then how do the real newbies feel if they're confronted in the same way? :?

Just my little opinion.
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