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The future use of the skinning skill?

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Should hides and carapaces be able to be worked into a form of armor?

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The future use of the skinning skill?

Postby GMNITRIL » Jun 8, 2006 (2:59 pm)

:idea: I was thinking of possibly using the varios carapaces and hides that we can skin in different hunting areas. taking the hides and applying the tanning and leather working skill and possibly make those carapaces and hides into a form of leather armor? Just an idea..... :idea:
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Eaxia Online staff
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Postby SMARK » Jun 8, 2006 (3:07 pm)

Good idea. But skinning is kind of whacked right now.
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Jun 8, 2006 (6:38 pm)

I'm certainly hoping to see this, I've saved a few random hides and carapaces to experiment with since at one time in the past (before the forge) we were hoping to see tanning with the Ranger guild rewrite. Since we've seen a couple pieces of armor (plate armor and a shield) using Jungatha carapaces I'd hope those were an indicator that perhaps players might someday be able to work to make superior lighter armors. I know I prejudiced about Rangers for some reason :twisted: but it seems like they might have some special skill in obtaining superior hides and carapaces to place in the hands of good armorers. Paladins already have some bonuses (or used to) in heavy armors so they'd seem to be a natural to learn the skill of making heavier armors.

I'm going to put more on an idea I have about skills in a more approriate topic to avoid spamming this post with other thoughts.
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