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It's Good to see some new blood join us!

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It's Good to see some new blood join us!

Postby GROVENBURGER » Mar 6, 2006 (6:43 pm)

Specifically just wanted to specifically welcome Iris to the staff, Its always good to see new ideas and energy join the team. I look forward to seeing some changes once you have time to add to the game and also help get the "Mass Hirelings" trained! :wink:

Hopefully this means this will be a big year in Eaxia, and heck maybe see one or two more of the last couple guilds open after the new combat gets added (ahem and one or two really old guilds get their rewrites - hint hint {leans on his Longbow} :twisted: )

I hope to see more presence in the game again like we've had on occasion in the past. There have been some really fun events and quests - they are always memorable in one way or the other. (Like having 67 creatures start advancing on me at once last night during the invasion as my frag skittered away :roll: )

The work the staff does is always appreciated by some more than others. Many don't always notice changes in detail, or the detail to some places and things the game already has for that matter, but a few of us do take the time to explore and roleplay. Those that do really enjoy the attention to detail that the staff attempts to add to the game, and also how they come and talk to us and try and make things more fun , even if it's not always as often as we all would wish.

Thanks all of you guys for your hard work, whether we see you or nay. I've had fun because of it in the last couple (few?) years I've been here. ( :oops: I forget how long actually - but that must mean I'm too busy having fun I hope).
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